Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Progress! Like, Noticeable Progress!

First things first, since I posted yesterday just this much shy of midnight, I intended to sleep in this morning, not be awakened by buzzy buggy dreams because of noise outside. I was outraged-awake enough to tweet!

Yeah, I'm awake before 7. Had "buggy" dreams bc some @$$hole is using buzzing lawn eqpt @ 6 fucking 45 in the morning. WTF? 👹💀👽💣

I did get back to sleep, though, after emptying my bladder and searching in vain out the windows for the fucker who'd awakened me. Didn't wake again until after 9! Woo Hoo! No longer angry, I dressed and proceeded downstairs.

Daddy was checking emails. I heated some corned beef hash for us whilst also brewing my failed "cold brew mocha" that I had prepped the night before (I knew the experiment had failed because I tasted it... chocolate milk, while yummy, is NOT mocha). Daddy informed me that cold-brewing takes a long-ass time (I've since forgotten how long, not that I really care). After we ate and consumed coffee, he announced he was ready to hit the driving range, so then he found a video made by some pro-to-the-pros golfer, to use as a refresher (because yesterday had pretty much sucked), and then off we went. (The pro-to-the-pros had demonstrated archery, and I was astounded by how beautiful his demo had been. He was relating the "mental prep" for golf as being essentially the same as in archery.)

There were quite a few dudes out there, but the club had moved the tee area up a level, which meant Daddy wouldn't have as far to travel to get there. Less energy expended should mean more balls hit! He'd brought his chair, his glove and his Pedialyte, and a #8 iron and the better driver (of the ones he'd already practiced with). He rented a new bucket of balls, but he'd forgotten to bring his brush tee. So we found him a spot that looked like it would have room to set up his chair, and also had a few discarded tees lying about. No free balls to rescue today!

He started with the iron. He hit a total of 12 with it, and of those, 8 were damn pretty. 75%! So much better than the last two days from the back yard! During the use of the iron, he sat down to sip Pedialyte once or twice, and each time he got up, if he didn't remember the training from this morning, the first shot would inevitably be kinda crummy. So I started remembering for him. With the driver, 3 of his first 4 were not wonderful, and I told him he'd have to hit enough balls to equal the "happiness" of the balls with the iron. He got it. He remembered the training, he sat when needed, he sipped when needed, and he ended up with 7 happy balls out of 10. I didn't make him hit the additional 2 for 75%. I was proud of what I saw today.

We got back to the house with 18 balls in our little wine bag, and put away all the gear. We started watching some tv, and before too long, he was getting bored or antsy or something, so when I suggested the pool, he was like, yeah. Let's do that. So we did!

Yesterday morning, it had stormed, and the air temperature hovered near 80º all day. Today, on the driving range, we could tell that it was gonna be a hot one. So the water in the pool shouldn't be "too" cold, except upon first stepping in. We passed a couple of tan-and-lovelies on our way to our chosen shaded chaises, and when Daddy stopped to read the back tatts of one of the young ladies, I had to remind him that he was looking a little "stalker". Parked at the deep end were a gaggle of teenagers, probably having been out of their school day just long enough to take up "residence" there. They were playing loud obnoxious music but didn't actively bother us or the tan-and-lovelies.

I got in first, and let Daddy know that the water was cool, but not cold. He followed and concurred. We both swam about, mostly in the shallow end, but because of all of my prior-to-my-visit breathing difficulties, I had to test my lung capacity by swimming the length of the pool. Not great, primarily because my muscle strength in my arms and legs has been somewhat depleted, too. Daddy noticed the same, but we both remarked that the pool will be good for us to hit daily, and he even commented that he may decide in the not-near-but-not-too-distant future to also make use of the gym!

***** Before I made this trip, I kept trying to convince Daddy (by phone) that he should start walking toward the pool and the gym. His breathing just wouldn't allow him to do that, and frankly, he may never have the physical strength again to walk the 2500 steps to get there, much less the 5k steps round-trip! Blame that on old, I guess. But now that he's actively participating in activities he enjoys - golf and swimming, for now - there's no reason he can't continue actively participating in every activity he enjoys, including some high rep/low weight muscle rebuilding in the gym!

It had been years since he'd been in the pool, and probably longer than that since he's lifted any weights. I'm happy that these are now things that he sees as beneficial. He's even recommended similar activities to Uncle Dan, because they are enjoyable for him as well. They are brothers, after all. They did used to golf together, back in the day. *****

In addition to all of this physical activity (I met my step challenge by walking home from the pool rather than going with Daddy in the golf cart), we also watched a lot of Doctor Who. Daddy's sucked in. And even though he has a habit of telling new companions that they're being dumbasses (and I make a habit of reminding him that they are NEW at this whole concept and will learn), he did state that it is the companions that make the show worth watching. I countered that the Brits know how to make good television; he didn't argue that point. We also agree that we love River Song. I hope to get to cover most of her story-arc while I'm here. I don't know if it'll happen, because that really is an awful lot of television. #ButItsSoGood

So tonight, before bedtime, I started a small "complete meal" that I'd gotten for free for shopping late the other evening. It's a two-person roast, with one serving of baby red potatoes and one serving of baby carrots and one pearl onion. I dunno, maybe they consider that cut of beef to be a single serving, too. Daddy only has one rather large crock pot, so I also cut up about a dozen larger red potatoes that neighbor bff had left behind, and I added the jarred pearl onions she'd also left behind, and I threw in various seasonings and enough water to allow it to make its own juices. I'll probably take the baby carrots on the plane with me, as Daddy has declared that he doesn't "do" carrots. In the morning, I'll skip over to Publix to find the smallest celery heart they'll sell me, and add those, and the can (ugh, Daddy, a CAN?) of green beans he's got, or maybe I can convince him that this'll be good with frozen greens of some kind (collard, turnip, or spinach)... mmm, a full meal that required so little work! And with the way we eat, it could easily be two or more meals!

And we'll hit the driving range... and the pool... and then, he's fairly certain that tomorrow is "Food Truck Thursday", which they do once a month in this gated community, so we've got dinner covered.

All in all, a very good day. I hope your days are as good as this one was for us!

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