Thursday, May 4, 2017

I guess I was too excited yesterday :(

Daddy and I have developed a bit of a routine these days. Up when we're up, we each consume a Boost, maybe something else of substance, maybe coffee, and Daddy takes his morning meds. Then he uses a heating pad to warm his back muscles while checking his internets, and I wait for the "let's go" signal. We load up the golf cart with all of the accoutrement I've mentioned before, and we go to the driving range for him to hit balls.

Then we come back home, back to the internets, possibly a little television (either Doctor Who or one of his "stories" that he watches), consume more nutrients, and when he gives me the "let's go" signal, we swimsuit up and take the golf cart over to the pool, as long as the weather indicates it'll be warm enough for us to get in the water (overcast and 80º is not a good indicator of "warm enough to get in the water"). We'll swim for a bit, and when he prepares himself for departure, I settle onto a lounge chair for 20-30 minutes of tanning/drying off. He'll call me when he gets home or I'll call him as I'm walking, and that'll be where I meet my step challenge for the day.

Then more television after a short nap (if a nap is needed), maybe a quick run over to Publix or CVS, and dinner, then night-night meds. Usually (but not tonight), he'll go to bed and I'll check my internets, including blogging for the day. (Tonight I'm blogging early)

Today was pretty much one of those days. Except for the fact that Daddy missed one of his regular pain meds this morning, which caused him to only hit 9 with his #9 iron and only 6 with his driver. Of the 15 balls he hit, I'd say that 90-95% were "happy", but they caused his sciatica to flare, and that's all we got this morning. (Hence, the frowny face in the post title)

Then, when we went to the pool, we both found it to be rather relaxing (having it to ourselves), and we did work our muscles without a lot of pain. But he was cold when he got out, and cold when he got home, and I had to recommend a mug of broth from the crock pot roast to warm him. Once I'd made it home and we were just chillin', he mentioned what an "off" day it was. I hadn't noticed it being "off" personally, but I attributed his feeling of "offness" to the golf pain and pool chill.

It got better after that. Tonight was the monthly Food Truck Parade over at the clubhouse, and he'd made plans to get gelato for dinner (possibly only gelato for dinner, which I honestly don't have a problem with)... but there was no gelato truck tonight (nor will there be in June) - only the shaved ice truck, which was playing steel drum versions of music from The Little Mermaid. I don't really ever consume shaved ice, much less pay for it. It's frozen water with syrup - YUCK! So we opted for actual food - shrimp-n-cheesy-grits, with actual cheese and butter; nothing that could be considered "one molecule away from plastic" - and we had a good time bantering with the head chef about his use of real food.

And it was soooo gooood. But no dessert tonight. And we managed four episodes of Doctor Who, before Daddy realized that he's going to have to take his night-nights soon and go to bed! But he still has internetting to catch up on! So we're ready to watch "Vincent and the Doctor"... and I've been excited to get to this place in the queue, because Daddy's home that is also his art gallery is FULL of Van Gogh prints! #Squeeeeeee!

Tomorrow, more of the same, only better. And we'll probably throw in another visit with Uncle Dan, because, #WhyNot?

We have Good Days and Great Days and Not-So-Great Days (today was not Bad, just made less progress than yesterday). I think our Bad Days are behind us (I'm lookin' at YOU, day lived in the ER!). I hope yours are, as well, generally speaking. May we all have Good and Great Days, and even Not-So-Greats (to help us appreciate the Goods and the Greats)!


  1. Ups and downs, but at least not too far down. This hotel I selected for my work trip doesn't even have a pool! What kind of hotel doesn't have a pool? I should have done some better research before booking it. Happy Dr. Whoing!

    1. The pool is the only reason to stay in a hotel! WTF?


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