Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stayed in bed this morning because...

I'd gotten plenty of sound sleep, but the thunderstorms rolled in, and even though I didn't get a light show, I did get to hear the heavy rain and thunder... so I stayed in bed having a mental war with my bladder, which did eventually win, but not until I heard Daddy puttering around downstairs. That's late enough! Get up and pee, for gooness sakes! #GoonessIsARealWordIJustMadeUp

We started our morning in sleepwear... which progressed to starting our mid-day in sleepwear... which progressed to starting our evening in sleepwear. At some point after just snacking through our morning, there was a question of "real food". I remembered we still had ingrediments for wraps, so that's what I fed us. And then Daddy eventually changed into "outside" clothes, because he was ready to hit a few balls in the backyard. So I raced upstairs to put on real clothes, too, so I could join him outside.

He wasn't particularly happy with his shots, and frankly, for having been landscaped for the past two days, the grass was pretty damn thick. Musta been all that overnight rain.

We came back in, and after resting his back for a mo', I suggested we get ourselves a bit of dessert from Publix. Daddy had mentioned yesterday that they carry cannoli in their bakery, and I reminded him that they also carry key lime pie. So that'll be a "yes" on dessert!

We'd already watched a lot of Doctor Who (from S4 E14 through the DT Specials {which were not so easy to find in Amazon} and into S5 E1), so Daddy was ready to watch something else (and I blamed our sedentary day for his not-great club-swinging). So, since I was still "outside" dressed, I decided to meet my step challenge while Daddy watched "something else". I'd only be gone about a half-hour, and his "night-night meds" alarm would be going off shortly after my return, so we'd have our dessert then, and he could take his meds.

Pretty uneventful day, and if I could have done all I managed to do from the bed, I mighta.

Momma said there'd be days like this. There'd be days like this, my Momma said. When was the last time you had a day like this?


  1. Yesterday, but only because I was forced to leave work early when my back started having spasms and I had to spend the rest of the day in bed.

    We are having killer storms right now in Biloxi. Had a list of things to do after work but probably won't now.

    1. Man, I hate back spasms! Feel better soon.


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