Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I am not planning to continue blogging daily, now that I'm back in California, but somehow I feel like maybe I still have "catch-up" stuff to post? Huh. We'll see.

  • Late arrival
  • Stephen picked me up, thank you
  • Furbabies missed me a lot
  • Read the mail I'd received while I was gone
  • Daddy is still golfing and swimming and binge-watching Doctor Who
  • Uncle Leroy is home; everyone's happy to still be alive but hating aging. (And I'm certainly including myself in "everyone")
  • Caught up with upstairs neighbor over French Pressed Mocha
  • Unpacked one bag
  • Did laundry (haven't put it away yet)
  • Ate some Double-Chocolate gelato, and later some chili, both provided by Stephen
  • I have an alarm set to call Daddy daily at 5 his time to check on his golf/swim/bingeing
  • I watched the same DW episode, but also 2/3 Matt Smith Christmas Specials to be sure Daddy needs to (he does)
  • I'm now back to bingeing Grace and Frankie while still snuggling with Cocoa
Tomorrow, I'll reply to at least one letter, either work or workshop, depending on if I book work, call Daddy at the appropriate time, and binge-watch whichever episodes he did. Unless something/anything "different" happens tomorrow, I probably won't be blogging!

This is the second time I've attempted to post today. I'm ...

Revisiting this a week later. Posting, only because it pretty succinctly wrapped up my trip. This should have been posted on the 11th. #TooBadSoSad


  1. I think my fur babies are missing me too - I'm in England - looking forward to getting back to them!

    1. I'm happy (& super jealous) that you get to travel so much, but I'm sure your furbabies DO miss you!

      Also, I'm going to miss reading YOUR life unfolding, especially since you decided to open a home daycare! Squeeeeee!


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