Sunday, May 7, 2017

I Am Here. Are You Here? Where Are You? Where Will I Be Tomorrow?

Final Sunday with Daddy, right? Our plans today included lunch with Uncle Leroy and Laurie, possibly golf balls at the driving range, possibly a swim, probably some Doctor Who. First thing I actually did was finish (and tweet) this page I'd started yesterday:
"Haters Gonna Hate, Players Gonna Play. I'm Just Gonna
Hide in the Closet Because I Have Social Anxiety."

Daddy was up early (for him), and so was I, after a night of weird-ass dreams. So yes, we watched a little bit of the Bob Mann instructional video and went out to the driving range. Daddy was out of balls, so he rented a small bucket... but there were the remains of a large bucket, abandoned there on the range. I asked the only person to whom they might have "belonged" whether he was set up there, and he said no. So we scored (essentially) TWO buckets for the price of ONE. #WeAreMoneyMagnets #ThankYouThankYouThankYou Not only that, but he hit 10/11 happy balls with the iron and 10/12 happy balls with the driver.

Got back in plenty of time to try to schedule a 4:00 tee time for tomorrow before heading to lunch. Had an issue with logging in and scheduling online, so we popped by the clubhouse on our way out, and he got it scheduled. A TEE TIME! On the actual front nine of the course! Unfortunately, Laurie'd had another bad day and night yesterday, so lunch would only be the three of us. Bummer. I didn't want to miss seeing her this trip. Still, Uncle Leroy looked pretty good, and we had an enjoyable lunch, asking him to send our love to Laurie.

That outing took a bit of the wind outta Daddy's sails, though, and when we got back in, he lay down for a nap, which turned into a pretty long one. He'd asked me not to wake him, but maybe I should've done. 'Cuz at this point, he might not sleep tonight.

Once up from it, he had no interest in going anywhere, so I dressed for a walk and swim, and left him to watch a movie. Not knowing how long I'd be gone, I told him to call me if I wasn't home yet when his movie was done. I walked over, swam a bit, sunned my back a bit, sunned my belly a bit, and started walking back home. He called, though, to tell me he was picking me up so we could drive into Deland to see Uncle Leroy in the hospital - he'd had a heart attack!

Neither of us went into "panic mode", because frankly, we just don't. But I got in, tweeted a request for love and light, plugged my phone in, dressed, and then went back downstairs to find out whether we'd be heading right out or waiting for Uncle Dan to ride with us (since we were the in-between locale). While I was dressing, Laurie called to say that they'd moved him into the ICU, so we were awaiting further instruction...

Daddy fixed himself a drink because I refused to, in case we needed to head out. And he tuned back into various movies, finally settling on Clue. Good choice! Meanwhile, I found an "appropriate" page to color in You Are Here, and during the course of the movie, had time to complete it:
"'Small' Is Not The Same As 'Weak'. Always Remember, Frightened Rabbits Fight Hardest."
I made him a grey/white wabbit with blue-grey eyes, in honor of Uncle Leroy, and dedicated it to him. I suppose if Laurie wants the actual physical page, that'll be the whole reason #TheBloggess had this book perforated. I'm still not particularly confident in my coloring, but I'm enjoying it. I especially like using contrasting "weights" of the same colored pencil, as evidenced in both of these specific doodles.

Ennyhoo. When Laurie finally called, I had to take the phone away from Daddy, because that one drink had been enough to slur his speech. Laurie sounded okay, all things considered. And when she said that she hoped they'd keep him (her dad) in the ICU beyond tomorrow, HE joked in the background that the nurses (already) don't want him to leave! So, assurances made that our presence wasn't needed tonight, I bid her a restful good night, and told her we'll be expecting her call in the morning, and that we would come out to the hospital tomorrow, if requested.

Then I called Uncles Dan and Terry, to keep them in the loop. Uncle Dan was glad to hear that he didn't need to go anywhere tonight; Daddy's first phone call had sent his heart racing, and it still wasn't calm yet! I also told him that we expect to hear from Laurie in the morning, so rather than texting Daddy that he was "okay", why not call and drive over? That way, if/when we do head out, he'll already be here. And if we don't go anywhere, it won't hurt anyone for him to hang out here for a bit. He seemed amenable to that. Uncle Terry will be expecting our update, as he's in Miami and will only come if requested (probably).

So the tee time is cancelled. I'll probably get to see Laurie! But under different circumstances than anyone may have hoped, hmm. Daddy's taken his meds, we watched no Who, I've colored and blogged and acted like a parent, sending Daddy to bed.

Please let tomorrow be a "good" one!


  1. Sending love and hoping your tomorrow will be much better, lovely!

    --Dawni (Signing it 'cause you probably wouldn't know it was me, otherwise.)

    1. Thanks, Dawni. Now wondering why chrysalis isn't your handle everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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