Saturday, May 6, 2017

Final Saturday Florida Blog

My time here with Daddy is wrapping up. I've a few more days to tell you all about it, every day, but just know this: My time here with Daddy is wrapping up.

It honestly is beginning to feel like a conglomeration of episodes of Doctor Who, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

We've had days that felt really good, like we got a lot done, and made great strides in his overall health and well-being, and possibly even some strides in my overall health and well-being.

And we've had some days that ended, um, #NotSoMuch.

Today was decent. Up at a reasonable hour; watched some instructional golf videos; "braved" the "cold" (wind, really; today's high was 79ΒΊ but Very Windy) to hit 80-90% happy balls at the driving range (19 balls using an iron and a wood); watched episodes 1 & 2 of season 6 (we skipped Matt's Christmas Special, because Amazon doesn't make them easy to find) of Doctor Who (of course; what else could we possibly have made it to S6 of, together?); took a boredom-break golf cart joyride to Publix; farted around online a bit; watched S6 E3, and then Daddy took his meds and went to bed.

I had a phone call with Stephen to non-blog catch-up. I discovered that my brain may not have been running on all cylinders when I booked my return flight. It leaves here in the evening, and arrives in Burbank at almost 10 p.m. During his closing shift. In Encino. No worries! That's not "late" or anything! Except that it is, if my bag doesn't get unloaded quickly, because the last bus of the night leaves within an hour of my plane landing. So I may have to taxi/Uber/Lyft home, except that I've never actually done that. And my brain/body will still be on Florida time, so we're talking 1 - 2 a.m. #Oopsie!

I also have a TON of mail (thanks, #TheBloggessTribe #PenPalsUnite!) and a healthy, repotted lavender plant, chili in the crockpot and dessert in the freezer, and possibly-very-angry furbabies waiting for me. And maybe work on Thursday or Friday. And voiceover workshop(s), if not work, on Friday. And... And... STUFF!

Tomorrow, we lunch with Uncle Leroy (and Laurie, if she's feeling up to it {I swear, everyone in this family is sickly!}). If we're up early enough, golf balls on the driving range before lunch ('sposedta be Toasty-Oatie-Ohs tomorrow, so early golf!), and then some swimming well after lunch. Then more of that routine on Monday and Tuesday. Who knows what we'll do before I leave on Wednesday?

Surely you're sick of this by now, right? No, and don't call me Shirley. What have I missed? What else do you want, before I head back home? Let me know!


  1. You are right when you mentioned the other day that your Dad used to do the exercise thing, and there is NO reason health wise or otherwise that he can't continue to do so when you are away home. Do hope he does...Will help his body, and mind!! Ian did mention that the point of taking up hitting balls was to make the effort to go to the range, to get out and about....And not going out the back only...As that can encourage him to go to hit balls lying there in the culvert, where he fell (under the bridge there) two years back and luckily the neighbours to the back of him noticed something strange and went to help him.
    He seems to be getting a nice useful routine going with you Emelle....So hope he manages to keep that focus up....But safely,when he is on his own! Glad getting your steps in too...And some tanning!! Food truck event is always fun. Good work there girlie!! Lol. Sleep well.

    1. I'm excited for a few things:
      1. I love new comments here
      2. Your comment means the link worked!
      3. I'll be sure to remind him of the "purpose" behind going to the range

      We got to meet Tom, finally. Hopefully, he'll have an interest in joining Daddy on the range &/or the course.

      I'm sure I'll be missed, after Wednesday. Probably not quite as much as he misses you two, though! πŸ˜‰

  2. Do you play golf as well as your Dad then? I tried once but couldn't hit very far at all! So would love a Dr Who day. I haven't watched it in years!

    1. Daddy used to watch, back in the Tom Baker years, and returned for the reboot (but didn't keep up after Rose left), 2005-2006ish.

      I'm not sure if he's enjoying the show as much as I'm enjoying sharing it with him... although, we ARE keeping up with the current season, too, so maybe I've reconverted a fallen Whovian! 😎


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