Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Traveling is REALLY fun!

Bathed and packed last night, but still didn't get to bed until after midnight. Awake to pee at 6 this morning, which means AWAKE. Dammit.

Daddy was moving around by 7-ish, though, so I went downstairs to begin our final half-day together. Normal. Coffee, Boost (TM), hash brown breakfasts, internetting.

More normal. Bob Mann video, driving range. Actually, slightly better than normal: 15/18 happy balls with the 5 iron and 4/6 happy balls with the driver, from the third tier down. Slight rest climbing back up to the golf cart. A nice, hot shower for him upon our return.

Not-so-normal: key lime pie for lunch and early Doctor Who binge. We have one episode left in S6. It's a doozy, and we'll have to cross-country binge it "together". We hopped in the rental together to fill the tank of the rental, all of Ten Bux in that economy car! #W00tW00t!

Started crying as I slowly but surely packed the bags into the car. Had a helluva time getting outta his driveway. I was a hot mess, and once I made it to the airport boarding line, I tweeted so. #NotSureWhyImStillTearingUpOverThis #NotSureWhyThisDepartureIsHittingMeSoHard #WhatTheFuckAmISoAfraidOf #WhatTheFuckIsItIfNotFear #HotMessTimesInfinity


TSA in the MCO (Orlando) airport was incredibly taxing/vexing/trying/FUCKED UP. Leaving LAX was a breeze in comparison. I arrived at my boarding line AS they were boarding the group before me. So I tweeted, made friends with the woman in the boarding position behind mine, and we ended up sitting together... by choice. Four hours later, she was prepping to meet her hubby's smiling face and hugging her new penpal goodbye. #GoodTimes!


My second leg flight was originally scheduled with about an hour layover, which has been extended by about an additional hour, which means:

  1. I Am Exhausted
  2. I Am Blogging, because free airport wifi
  3. I Am Drinking Coffee with a shot of Bailey's, because I want to be awake enough to board, but not wired by the time I'm feet on the ground again.
This is a significantly shorter leg. I may or may not catnap on the plane. I may or may not chat with my seatmate. Pretty sure I won't be coloring or fidgeting on any of my devices. My server just informed me that it's "Last Call for Alcohol" (because they typically close up by 9-ish!), so I'm paying my bill and heading to my gate (right next door). Well, ya know... soon as I hit "publish"... and then tweet the link... and shut down... and repack the laptop in the carryon.
This is not the Face of Boe. This is the Face of So. Tired.

Traveling is REALLY fun, isn't it?

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