Friday, May 5, 2017

Hoy no era bueno, más o menos

It WAS Cinco de Mayo, hence the Spanish title. And no, today doesn't expect you to fill a sink with mayonnaise, blech! No, it was generally not a good day, and I don't really even want to blog, but you've come to expect it from me, so...

I came downstairs at 9:30-ish, after internetting on my phone for a coupla hours, because I started to worry that I hadn't heard Daddy stirring. He's not usually up "early", per se, but he is usually up before 9! He exited his bedroom, bleary-eyed, just as I entered the living room. He didn't know why he'd slept so heavily.

10:00 approached quickly, and he asked me what time we were going to see Uncle Dan. That hadn't been determined yet, so he called him. I had put the crock back in the pot to reheat the roast a bit, so I suggested we take lunch over. He agreed, so after confirming that plan, we each had to ready ourselves. We had also talked previously about dumping a bunch of dead electronics at the landfill "on our way", so we had to load up the trunk with both a bin of that and the crock pot of lunch. Out the door!

We were both dressed for a central Florida spring day. I had the sun on my side, so I drove with my window partially open, rather than running the a/c... because today was more like a central Florida winter day. Neither Daddy nor I are particularly tolerant of cold weather, but we knew the temps should rise to a reasonable number before too long. 75º was our high today. Not very warm, for us.

After a very long drive, we had a nice visit, and we got to feed a man who is old/sick enough to not bother eating much. Then we came back home, and when we walked inside, Daddy was a bit winded and woozy. His pulse oxymeter showed "normal" readings, but he compared how he felt to the day he'd taken a three-hour train ride with his brother and uncle, and that day had sapped his energy for three days! We figured out that he still had water in his ear from yesterday's swim, so when he lay down for a nap, I poured a few drops of isopropyl alcohol into the offending ear, to help break up the water so it would drain. That did the trick, apparently. No nap needed.

But because it was late in the day, and so cool and windy, he decided to refresh his golf swing memory but only swing a club in the backyard, without hitting any balls. I watched him do that, and determined he'd not know if he was doing it right unless he hit a few, so I went to fetch the bag. While I was gone, he scuffed a couple that he'd scuffed nearby the other day. I talked him through his grip and stance, tossed a ball at his feet, and he hit it pretty. Tossed another, and it was also pretty. But that's all the balls he was going to hit today. His balance was off because the day was "off", and there was no good way to recover our day.

So we watched Vincent and The Doctor, The Lodger, and The Pandorica Opens. During our binge, we each consumed nutrients, including a bag of popcorn. Then he declared that he wanted ice cream, so we carted ourselves over to Publix for pistachio gelato. We were both freezing our asses off during that short jaunt (no lie - I had goosebumps on my legs and arms when we were in the golf cart), so while I was dishing the ice cream, Daddy was fetching a coupla warm bathrobes. Then we watched The Big Bang (not Theory), and it was time for his meds and bed.

Tomorrow we'll both be wearing sleeves and long pants, because #FuckBeingColdInFlorida. I didn't meet my step challenge today. We didn't swim. We didn't go to the driving range. We dumped dead electronics, had lunch with Uncle Dan, finished Season 5 of Doctor Who, and ate gelato. And I'm blogging before midnight. So I guess, hoy no era bueno, ni malo. Hoy era así, así.

¿Cómo fue su cinco de mayo?


  1. You are such a good daughter looking after everyone (and their ears)! How long have you played golf for?

    1. I do not golf. I grew up in a golf family but never found the enjoyment in it. "Golf is a beautiful walk, spoiled by a little white ball."

  2. OK, let's try this again. I had a great Cinco de Mayo. Got to hang out with son.

    1. Yay for dropbox! Glad you got to hang!


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