Friday, November 28, 2014

Whassup, France? UPDATED

In the last twenty-four hours, you've visited my page more than Any. Other. Country. In fact, in the last twenty-four hours, you've probably exceeded page visits in the same amount of time for any one country other than the U.S., and I probably only get this many "hits" from the U.S. in twenty-four hours when I post something "important" (A Difficult Topic or A Sadiversary, for example).

So what's the sitch? I don't think I know anyone who resides in France, and the only Francophile I know personally is my brother, who lives in Kentucky, USA. I appreciate that you're reading me so much, but you can also comment, if there's ever anything you wish to say. Which kinda begs the question (okay, questionS) for everyone out there (not just the Fine French Folk reading me of late):

How many blogs do you read, are they mostly similar or vastly different, and how often do you find yourself interacting with the writer?

UPDATE: since posting this earlier this morning, I've gotten EVEN MORE hits from France, so I wanted to look back at the last month, and give you, my readers, a glimpse into what makes me giggle, so here's the stats for the past thirty days:

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