Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ah, "my" industry

I left my "real world" job last week. A week ago yesterday, to be exact, was my last day as an admin at the dance studio. Went out afterwards with some students because at that point, no one was breaking the "anti-fraternization" rule. Had fun, and then refocused my attention on the entertainment industry.

Stopped in after the drinking with students "party" to meet the 2nd AD on the production that was shooting next door to my apartment building. She told me how to get on their shoot. Filed that info away and then went to bed.

The next night was an industry mixer. Went to that, where Stephen indicated that I "held court" because I already had so many friends there. Good night; went back home, and went to bed.

On Sunday, I sent an email requesting to be booked on the right-next-door production.

On Monday, apparently all hell broke loose at Central Casting. They got hit with April Fools' Day early.

On Tuesday, no booking. Wah. Later, went with Geoff and Stephen for coffee, and updated my admin resume with the temp agency. Eavesdropped a convo wherein I was able to email that newly-updated resume to the chick I'd just been eavesdropping (she needed to replace a part-time personal assistant, and that's really the only "real world" job I'm suited for, I've found - still freelancing, you see).

On Wednesday, I distributed some flyers at Central for the company that helps me book gigs.

On Thursday, I went back to Central to attend the union "meet and greet" with the casting directors, and I stayed to update my photo in the system, since I'd drastically cut my hair since re-upping my registration in July. "Current" is always better than "a few months ago". There was an enrichment class later that afternoon that I could have attended, but I let other things intervene. I'd already walked there and back twice this week. I was tired of walking it.

Yesterday, Stephen left for work, and I booked a night shoot... at the mall where I used to work. Had plenty of important tasks to keep me busy until my call time, so I had a pretty productive day. Got to the mall; found where I was supposed to park; found where I was supposed to check in; got in line for "breakfast" and was back to the set by my 6 p.m. call time. Yes, I had bunless fish sliders with roasted vegetables and homemade potato chips for my 6 p.m. "breakfast".

We got in and got started working, and because it was a music video, the day didn't quite progress in a manner I'm used to. There was no call sheet with a scene breakdown; we couldn't anticipate doing 4 6/8 pages or 10 7/8 pages or five scenes or anything like a "theatrical" (film or television or web series) set is run. We just got started being placed and walking down the halls of the mall.

... and then I recognized the student in the front window of the studio. ... and then the entire staff of the studio was in the window, waving at me, and calling out to me from the doorway. I had a mini-break where I wasn't being used around the corner, so I approached for conversation. My former boss seemed genuinely excited to see me - in jeans, sneakers, and NO MAKEUP. The girl who I trained called out to me, jokingly, "hey, emelle, come help me with this report!" I explained that I had to get back, and they did the same. It was a bit awkward, but also, who could have predicted that my first day back would be in the exact same place that I had left, particularly since a primary reason for leaving was the commute?

It was a long night. That little moment was the last I saw of any of them, as the rest of the shoot took place downstairs. I was acutely aware of when they'd be having their dance party, but after that, I was focused on my reason for being there. We broke for "lunch" at midnight, and we just kept rotating shifts of who was working with who was "holding", and we kept changing our shirts so we could look like new people, and there was music and dancing and us, walking the mall.

The lunar eclipse was set to happen at our expected wrap time. I thought, "Finally, I'm going to get to watch one of these spectacular celestial events!" We wrapped half an hour after the blood moon did its thing. I got to see the first crescent reappear as I was heading out to my car, and by the time I got home, it had filled back up to about 3/4, but it was in my rearview for most of my drive, so I didn't really get to watch the progression.

Because today is Saturday and Stephen left for work at 8:40, I have slept in shifts. Two hours when I first got in, another two hours before the 12-year-old boy on the Autism Spectrum decided to tantrum at the top of his lungs for a solid ten minutes. I'm "up" now but I don't really know for how long. I have to drop off my rent on this holiday weekend, and I probably have a little grocery shopping to do, and I should eat my leftover seared ahi/seaweed salad and wasabi mashed potatoes (yes, that was my midnight "lunch") - so delicious, and I should get some more sleep. Right now, I'm doing all right.

I love my industry. It's so weirdly wonderful. I really hope that I get to do more and more in general, and not so much overnight.


  1. I'm worn out just reading about your job. Holy crap. I totally could NOT do what you do for any length of time. It's a good thing you love your job so much. Turns out you're the social creature in this family. I always thought it was me. Oh, well.

    1. I've always known it was me. When I first moved to LA and lost 33 pounds in the swimming pool, it's because I was treading water... and I was treading water because it's so much more social than lap swimming!


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