Sunday, April 12, 2015

on not living in fear

mere moments ago, there was another earthquake "here". because, you know, california.

i know that "the big one" (reminiscent of northridge '94, i think) is coming... it's probably right around the corner... any day now, it's gonna hit, and those of us who weren't ready will be sorry.

maybe. we're currently living under drought conditions, and they still bring unasked-for water to the table in restaurants, even though it's been unlawful to do so for years. will we who choose to live in extreme drought and the threat of "the big" earthquake pack it all up and leave for someplace that's more conducive to "normal"? will we live our lives up until that moment of leaving in fear?

i can't speak for anyone else. i've lived elsewhere. i don't like it. i like it here. and i ain't afraid of no drought. or earthquake.

i heard that this one was a 3.5. that's pretty substantial. but here in burbank, we didn't feel it. didn't hear the truck rolling down the street, didn't notice any glassware shaking in its rack, the cats didn't move or meow or nuttin'.

i've had the pleasure of experiencing one earthquake, a few years ago. i was watching a movie on my pc, because i didn't have a tv at the time. i was seated on an exercise ball, at my desk, watching the movie. the exercise ball started rolling around the floor under my butt, and i heard the big truck roll down the street. when it was finished, i hopped up and ran out my front door, looking for someone to ask, "was that an earthquake?" because i wasn't sure until i read about it online. turns out it was, and a fairly substantial one. prior to that one, and since, i mostly sleep through 'em.

'cuz i love it here, and i ain't gonna live my life in fear.


  1. I always found it thrilling to experience earthquakes when we were living there. Rachel slept through them (as babies are wont to do) but Colin and I would often race outside to see if the sidewalks had split open a la Superman. We would be disappointed in that regard, but at the same time relieved. Ours were usually just the wine glasses swinging in the rack or a blip in the waterbed (it was a waveless mattress, so ANY motion was a pretty good indicator). You'll get your chance. Be prepared with wine and hors d'ouvres because every natural event is cause for a party. :-)

    1. so, no stocking up on bottled water, sardines, bread, and milk? ;)

      dunno how "prepared" I can be with hors d'ouvres - the wine is easy.


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