Monday, April 13, 2015

I was supposed to get my car smog-checked today

... and I also needed to file my unemployment claim (by fax, since I worked in NC in the last 18 months), as well as getting SAG-AFTRA to change my local (they have my address as Burbank but I keep getting audition notices for shit in Washington, DC) - also a fax. We don't have a landline phone attached to our all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, so faxing is something that requires a trip somewhere, and usually paying some idiot for the privilege of dialing a local phone number.

So I went to the Honda dealership. I wasn't planning to get the smog check done there, as they charge more than double what other stand-alone places do. Plus, I had a coupon for one of those stand-alones. The reason I went to the dealership was ... to see ... whether I shouldn't just trade in Ol' Faithful for ...

The renewal on the Civic (behind Jerry) was late, but not yet "out of date"; the smog-check process isn't particularly fast (not that the Civic would've failed, mind you) and I've never had to have it done, since I've always had cars that were "new" in California. You get 6 years (from manufacture date) without having to go through the process, and even though the Civic is a 2008 and should have been "smogged" last year, we were in North Carolina, so they let us renew the plates with a one-year reprieve (we said we were coming back, which wasn't a lie).

Jerry, who treated me very well and
really didn't want his pic taken. Sorry, Dude.
Jerry and I took a test drive. I'd already indicated which Fit was for me, if there were a Fit for me. I got lucky in that the only Fit on the lot in yellow was also the only Fit on the lot with a manual transmission. But get this: SIX speeds instead of five. Rear camera (to change how I park). Bluetooth that paired easily with my old POS stupidphone. And TONS of cargo space - he showed me how the back seats lay completely flat (like the minivan we almost bought in NC) OR the seat itself can fold UP so you can carry a 4' potted tree in the back floorboard OR while the back is flat you can lay the passenger front seat flat and carry your surfboard (not that we surf or have any reason to tote a 4' potted tree - but we CAN).

The nearly-all-day process is complete!
I'm going to miss my sunroof, but he referred me to the place that does them for the dealership, and the price range seems perfectly reasonable. AND while he was searching for my registration and insurance docs in the Civic (because I had all of them except for the most current, donchaknow?), I got to use their fax machine. AND I found my insurance doc online. AND I booked work for tomorrow, on Castle! AND when I finally got home, my paycheck for the last gig was in the mailbox!

W00t! Super-cali-fragi-list-ick Productive Freakin' Day-Oh!


  1. What a great day. Love the new car. I would never drive something like that (I need more space now, it seems), but it definitely suits you. And Stephen appears to be okay with this crazy-ass impulse purchase. Bonus points on that. :-)

  2. You need more space than what is sufficient to carry a 4' potted TREE (upright) or a surfboard? How much space do you need? What the heck are you carrying? Did you not understand the underlying theme that a FIT is actually a TARDIS? I think I'm going to start calling her "Timey Wimey" (NOT "Wibbly Wobbly" 'cuz I don't wanna give her any ideas about how to handle)...

    Boy, howdy, does it suit me. Stephen is okay with anything that allows me to come home happy. I came home happy today because I was ON SET all day AND drove home in Timey Wimey. :)


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