Monday, April 6, 2015

Eight things I will never do before I die

I'd been away from my own blogging for a long time, but I was away from reading other blogs for even longer. Holly writes one of my favorites, but I've only just now revisited her page. I really like this post, and so what follows is my own non-bucket list.

  1. I will never bear a child. There was a time (a pretty long time, actually) when I wanted to be "just like Mommy" and have my three babies and raise them with adventurous experiences rather than things (not that we three didn't have things, but the stuff was never as important as the doings) and know that they'd do what they could to be a part of my life and miss me when I'm gone. It didn't happen when I was young enough for it to happen, and even though I've been on Depo-Provera for what feels like a biological eternity and I could possibly still have all of those eggs that never flushed themselves out of my body, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get off Depo long enough to find out whether there's anything viable there. I love the industry that I work in, and a pregnancy at my age would demolish any chance I have of succeeding in it. So, no kids for me.
  2. I will (probably) never be financially wealthy. Again, with the industry I work in, my jobs are too diverse to become "rich and famous" at any one task. I play the Lotto from time to time, though, so that could "hit" and then I'd be set for life. It's not like it's a goal, though.
  3. I will (probably) never be famous. See #2 regarding my career choices. The "probably" comes from the fact that I enjoy blogging, and who knows if somehow my readership grows to the point that I get regular comments from people I don't actually know, like from Russia or Ukraine or Malaysia or something? It could happen, of course, but again, not a goal. I mean, in the time that this post has been stewing, I've gained 21 new readers from Switzerland! Who knew?
  4. I will never classify myself as a "filmmaker". I love being on set, and I love doing a film-related job for an appropriate wage. But the folks I know who use that term do. it. all. And I mean every job necessary to get a germ of an idea turned into something for an audience to watch. I don't have the germs of ideas, or the slightest inkling of how to take someone else's germs and make them watchable stuff. But you want me to Script Supervise or walk around in the background or wear a walkie and yell "rolling!" and "cut!" all day? You got it. I'm your girl. But a filmmaker I am not.
  5. I will never enjoy bargain hunting. I know some folks, mostly women, yes, who love yard sales and thrift stores and even just outlet stores or department stores that are going out of business. They love knowing that the item they're holding out for was originally an eight hundred dollar piece and they're getting it for a cool fifty-seven. I don't wanna spend the fifty-seven. I don't wanna spend a nickel, if it isn't an item I'd been pining over for awhile already.
  6. I will never pine awhile over material possessions. If there's something I want (like I really really want), then I'm going to find a way to justify its cost and get it within a reasonable timeframe. If it doesn't become a part of my life within that timeframe, I'm going to get over not having it. There isn't much stuff I need. See #1.
  7. I will never bungee-jump. I would go skydiving or learn trapeze flying, if the opportunity presented itself. But I think the sensation of falling and then bouncing at the bottom is a little too similar, but multiplied to the nth degree, to that first big drop of a roller coaster. That first big drop is the extent of what my stomach will allow me.
  8. I will never space travel. There was some "news" about the one-way flights to Mars being sold, and Stephen jokingly mentioned that he'd gotten me a ticket. Well, jokingly, except that jokes are funny. I was not amused. He was, so at least one of us enjoyed that exchange. The sad thing about my #8 is that I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child. Somewhere along the lines, it became more about getting good science and math grades and less about the adventure. Oh, well. I'll just keep looking out for eclipses and whatnot and get my space fix from down here on the planet.
This post has taken me a few days to write, since I first read Holly's. If it inspires you to make your own list, won't you please link your list/post in the comments below? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. My list will take awhile to write. Yours mirrors mine (a teensy, weensy bit), but I would probably only be able to work on it during the weekend. I want to post one. Maybe I will. I certainly enjoyed reading yours.

    1. I like it when one blog post can inspire a chain! I look forward to reading your list.

  2. That idea of going to Mars with a one way ticket terrifies me. I truly can't understand how there can be a single human who would actually want to go to Mars! I will never be filthy rich or famous either, made my peace with that now!

    1. Yeah, but you know there are people who think that living out their lives on another planet is the end-all, be-all of existences. Not me.

      Haven't quite "made my peace" with never being filthy rich or famous yet. Not that I'm doing anything proactive toward either one. :/


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