Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools' Day has hit my computer

Every page I intentionally go to in my Chrome browser gives me ads for some bullshit PC security site. Every new tab that opens wants me to download or upload some new software or chat with a specialist or call a damn 800 number. I'm seeing little green circle redirects everywhere, including on my blog, and words that aren't normally hyperlinked appear to be hyperlinked.

If, when you read this, there are bunches of hyperlinked words and little green circle "arrows" on my page, PLEASE do not click them. I didn't put them here. In today's post, there are no photos, videos, or links to anything else.

There's even a "SEND (green circle arrow) feedback" box in the lower right of my screen, and if it's still there after I publish this post, I will click it to see if it allows me to "feedback" that I am unhappy with having my system hijacked!

If you happen to know the source of this hijacking, please comment to let me know where to send my feedback (or if I have to do a system restore or what). I haven't done anything new to my system lately, unless this happened after I reactivated Skype.

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