Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It looked like it wanted to be a true, have-and-have-nots, good guys and bad guys, sci-fi, near-future action thriller.

And then they loaded it with fucking handheld camera work! I seriously hate that shit.

... altho,  I was surprised to see Jodie Foster again so close on the heels of her performance in "Flightplan". Liked that one much better, all around. Peter Sarsgaard; fantastic.

Currently watching "Grosse Pointe Blank" with Geoff (the houseguest) because it's one of his faves, and now catching the ending all alone since he just left to pick Stephen up from work, and we'll probably all watch it again and again before it gets returned to the library, anyway. Don't you love that the library has DVD's you can borrow for free? I certainly do!

Very much an odd night of movie watching, I must say. 'Sall good. Enjoy some movies yourself!

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