Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last night, we went out for pie...

so today, I made a pizza pie!

Geoff's been taking us out PRN for things like coffee, pie, or full-on meals. He likes doing it, and he hadn't realized that we also kinda like making good stuff in our own kitchen.

Last night, he needed pie, and since I have yet to learn to make a banana cream (his fave) or coconut cream (his second fave and mine and Stephen's first fave) pie, we went out to our local all-night diner. They're close, geographically, and they have decent food at a good price, but never before last night have they had any pies in their dessert case, much less three servings of the coconut cream.  So that's what we had. Stephen had decaf coffee with his, and Geoff drank two glasses of milk over ice with his. I was personally unable to finish consuming my slice - whaddup widdat?

Today, no one had any real work to go to (although Geoff did get up early to write at the coffee shop, as is his wont). I did go hand out flyers at Central, but it hardly counts as work. More like exercise (I walk the two-mile round trip). Before I left, I pulled the Trader Joe's whole-wheat pizza dough out of the freezer and set it in the drain to "rest". When I got back, I started tinkering with the sauce I'd made last night (like adding a few of my frozen veggies), and plotting out the order of working the ingredients.

Used my stick blender to make the sauce possible for pizza, as opposed to chunky and whatnot for pasta. Cooked one large chicken thigh in the George Forman grill. Set three turkey meatballs in the grill after I was done cooking in it. Pulled some more veggies out of the freezer to either cut up or just add. At some point, I took a nice nap!

Got up from my nap and ate a quick eggroll so I wouldn't be starving while prepping the pie. Then I got to work, put it all together, and we ate it. It was good. Yes, I do say so myself!
Pre-bake (and yes, I did pre-bake the crust) -
I love rolling out to 18"!

Just waiting for me to cut it, Baby!

And now, Wine!


  1. Your pizza looks so delicious, and, um, healthy. I don't see the first slice of pepperoni anywhere on it. ;-) You're both looking so well these days. I'm pleased to see the obvious joy in the above photo as well as hearing the exuberance and gusto in your descriptions. It does my heart good to know you are so very happy. I know being back home has made all the difference in the world. I understand the feeling.

    1. I use every meat and every veg I have in the house when I make pizza, and yes, I only keep "healthy" foods in my fridge, freezer, and pantry. Well, the bulk eggrolls and spanakopita and other snacks in the freezer may be a bit too "processed" to qualify as "healthy", but I read the ingredients before I buy.

      So no, you'll never find pepperoni on my pizzas - too spicy or too fatty or both; essentially, not so much meat as "meat food" (and have I told you how I never buy things that are labeled "food" because they just aren't?).

      Back home makes all the difference in the world. Truly.


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