Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Awesome Day

Drove "Timey Wimey" to set today, a location I was familiar with from my Mad Men days, but via a different route (simply because I don't live in the same place I did during the Mad Men days). By the time I arrived at the location, I was averaging 45 mpg. Awesome.

Worked a good portion of the day, with a very friendly cast and crew, most of whom don't have their next gig lined up yet, but this gig ends on Friday. No word yet whether the show will be renewed, but the folks who work it regularly will be back if and when it does. They are a finely-tuned machine, much like my TARDIS.

During the course of the day, a group of us were strategically placed on a porch-like area, and the two stars were set to enter the building. The appropriate crew yelled "Rolling!" and our conversation didn't quite end quickly enough for the male lead, so he sent a "shush" in our general direction. Then "Action!" was called, and the two stars entered the building, and our little group had an incredibly quiet but also incredibly animated conversation about the "shushing". We took it as far as it could go in the short scene, and after "Cut!" was yelled, the star poked his head out the door and apologized. He APOLOGIZED! To the BACKGROUND! ... which really only gave us some more animated and quiet conversation, although I don't think we had any more takes from that angle. But what a spectacular moment, or series of moments. Awesome.

Had a fabulous lunch. Worked a little more. Hung out in "holding" until we were pretty deep into overtime. The Craft Services chick presented three birthday cakes and there was singing (I think for no one in particular but rather any member of the cast or crew whose birthday had not managed to align with the shooting schedule). One or two of the background went to get cake (not I - I have very strict rules about Eating Dessert First... When Dessert is "Worth" Eating At All). Got shuttled back to Base Camp (where the Wardrobe trailer and our cars were). Got signed out at 7:36. Got prevented from leaving Base Camp by 7:38. Hung out at the Wardrobe trailer until our Key Set PA was given the word on which of us would win the "get to keep working" Lotto. I had been featured with the Guest Star just a bit too much earlier in the day, so I won the "just made another hour of overtime for no personal effort" Lotto and was officially wrapped at 8:36. Awesome.

Left the lot in the wrong direction, and once I figured out the right direction, called Stephen to let him know I was on my way. From the Bluetooth configuration within Timey Wimey so that I only had to hit ONE button on the steering wheel (where my hands were already). Awesome.

Continued on my way and realized at some point that I was pretty geographically close to Stephanie's place, so I called HER. By pushing ONE button on the steering wheel (where my hands were already). She was home but had a bad cold, so I had to tell her about yesterday's adventures and today's adventures rather than showing her any of it... all the way up to the point where I was describing the backup camera - As I Was Parking, Using It - and then the phone died at the exact moment I shut off the engine. It hadn't occurred to me, prior to that point, that cutting off the radio might also disconnect the phone, but then again, I've made a total of four calls so far. But that wasn't it, anyway. The phone's battery had died; I hadn't given it a proper charge yesterday, as it was, so that was the end of that call - pretty perfect, since I had so much personal crap to carry upstairs anyway. Awesome.

Got my crap mostly put away, checked some internets, including my blog, and found that I had SIXTY-ONE Facebook notifications. Crap; that's gonna take awhile to wade through. Did it; got through it all; remembered that I wanted to fill you all in on my Awesome day...

and now we're all caught up! Awesome!


  1. I cannot even contain the joy I feel reading about your awesome day. You sure know how to make me feel I'm RIGHT there! I love everything about your chosen life and don't even feel the slightest bit jealous (as I would have in the past) only because I'm so happy in my own chosen life. Your adventures are exciting and so fun to read about.

    It has been awhile since I've had anywhere near 61 notifications in my Facebook, but I'm not sure how I would have found time to go through that many in one sitting anyway. I love you so much and truly enjoy reading your blog. I'm so glad you came back to blogging. The hiatus was dry and dull without you.

    1. aw, shucks.

      MOST of the Facebook notifications were from Central Casting; any of the union postings, I'd already heard about from someone who accessed it via their phone on set. There were a handful of comments and "likes" mixed in, so I didn't have to actually visit any of the "likes" - and I just went to the FB page where I could see them ALL, and opened each one I needed to read (Central and comments) in New Tabs, so I could close the tabs to work my way through them. A little bit of load-lag, but not too bad. Got to bed shortly after midnight.


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