Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alone (-ish) today

... and frankly, it was kinda glorious, in its own weird way!

Stephen went to work early today (8:30), which meant Geoff left early, too. The only thing on MY plate was at least one load of laundry, so I got up shortly after they left (they're pretty quiet in the mornings, but between the natural door closing noise and my bladder, I usually get up right after they leave, if they leave earlyish).

Laundry was fun (and by fun, I mean "what a pain in the ass it is to try to get this all done on a weekend day!"), between not having a key to the locked laundry room, and one of the washers being unplugged, and neighbors hogging the remaining two washers OR holding my drying clothes hostage by closing the door in the middle of the day. But I managed to get through it all, and I didn't go online and I didn't put on corrective lenses for most of the day.

Then the boys came home, for like, oh, I dunno, half an hour? which was really rather pleasant for me. Then I did some more eye exercises (oh, yeah, I'm working on correcting my vision naturally again, because reasons) and headed out to see if the folks at the car dealership could help me program more phone numbers into my Bluetooth thingamobob in Timey Wimey, and also to grab another gallon of milk, since we were out.

The guy who sold me the car had me pair the car with his phone, which of course was going to work, because it's a new phone, and it has that little "i" in front of it that all things Bluetooth bow down to and sacrifice their firstborn to and whatnot... but we couldn't get it to "read" my phonebook, even though it recognized that it was a compatible phone, albeit not an "i". So I went across the street to the service department.

They had me pull up to the front of the line, even though it was help and possibly an education I sought, rather than "some technician servicing my vehicle". The young lady who greeted me (was it Joanna? possibly) was as helpful as she could be, but with both the "quick-start" manual and the full manual to guide us, neither of us could understand the error message. She had me pull forward (out of the "I'm here for service" line) into the actual servicing garage, and she left me parked on the side there, looking at my "real" manual, while she searched for some really tech-savvy grunt guru.

I tried some things, and lo and behold, the car started reading my phone book again! So I re-programmed a bunch of numbers, and for whatever reason, it would not allow me to store Trader Joe's in the speed-dial, no matter which slot I tried to store it in. I had previously stored it by way of the phone number, back when it wasn't reading the phone book. I guess that's how I'll try to store it next time (like, tomorrow). In the meantime, I've still got 11 of my 20 allotted speed-dial spaces left - if you think you qualify as a "call me from the car" number, give me a shout-out here and I'll give it a try (Daddy, you're already in there, so no need to comment unless you feel like it).

Went to TJ's to pick up a few items. Got home after two hours of wearing corrective lenses and took 'em off again, to finish doing some eye exercises. Eventually went online and was planning to send the "are we on for tomorrow?" email to a lady I do bookkeeping gigs for, when Stephanie called to say she was finally feeling better, and shouldn't I ought to be getting in my car so she could see it in the daylight, already? So I forgot to send the email; put the glasses back on the face; headed out for adventures or something.

We mostly just tooled around her neighborhood so she could tell me how great the car is, and get all the gossip of how I ended up buying a car Just This Monday, anyway... when we found a "new" ice cream place in her neighborhood, and OMG, y'all, if you ever get a chance to try a treat at a Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, you will NOT regret it! Mine was as dark a chocolate as you can create AND "wildberry lavender" (i.e. PURPLE), while Stephanie had the impossibly-dark chocolate with the buttercream mint (which SERIOUSLY tasted like an after-dinner mint). It's not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, which is what makes it a treat. It was pretty crowded when we got there, but REALLY crowded by the time we were tasting... and they'll let you taste any number of flavors - we saw a chick with almost a dozen little spoons in her hand? - and they WASH the tasting spoons, as they are metal, not plastic). We each enjoyed our delights and then went back to Stephanie's place. When our conversation had "deteriorated" to a discussion of GMO's, I decided it was late enough to go home and get some rest... (and send that email, before it was already tomorrow, like it is NOW)

But of course, I had to come home to BLOG because all those hours (my whole day, seriously) of Not Turning On The Television At All For Any Reason Whatsoever was



  1. That sounds like a fantastic day. I didn't get on Facebook until close to 10 pm yesterday because I'm in a spiritual funk and decided to give it a rest. That was refreshing. I only logged in last night to check for messages and then immediately logged out. We went for a bike ride at one of the parks up at the top of the Rims (which are like mountains, but flat-topped - they're really cool-looking) and generally just hung out. It was nice.

    1. Your day sounds pretty great, too.

      Next blog post won't be linked in Facebook, for reasons.


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