Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy (?) Tax Day!

Today, I stood in a ten-minute line at the Post Office so I could mail my tax return to North Carolina. I sent them the Very. Last. Two. Dollars. that I will ever contribute to the coffers of that state. If you live in North Carolina and you love it, my feelings about the state are no reflection on you. But I am personally DONE.

While I was out, I deposited a check and picked up some groceries. Just one bag of salad stuff, because Stephen figured he's been eating out with Geoff enough lately and not-walking-to-work enough lately that his system could use a healthy reboot. I'm all for it.

Got back and Stephen came down to the driveway to carry the bag of salad stuff upstairs and see my new car for the first time (in person). I haven't even had a chance to take anyone for a joyride yet, and I've already had it in my possession for two days now! Don't nobody love my bright yellow Timey Wimey but me?

C'mon, y'all. I don't wanna give her a complex. Y'all should be lining up and calling or whatever so I can cruise ya around in her! Maybe you need us to pick up a 4' tall potted tree from Lowe's? I can do that!

Stephen's at work, and Geoff's off somewhere writing or editing or something (doing the work that he does), and I'm booked for some audience work again tomorrow unless a background (or other!) gig throws itself in my lap. So tonight, I'll eat leftover lasagna, and maybe I'll find some trash tv or movie in the DVR queue to occupy myself.

Or maybe I'll just play Minesweeper. Don't worry, though. I haven't worn the contacts for a few days, and I think we deleted "Going Clear". Did you have a Happy Tax Day?


  1. Minesweeper is always the answer :) Just discovered your blog btw - loving it so far :)

  2. Thank you, and yes, I am addicted to Minesweeper in the same way that others are addicted Words with Friends or Candy Crush. I still have a stupidphone, though, so it's very easy for me to open Minesweeper if I'm online (because it's already installed in the laptop, you see?)

    Thank you for joining me here; I've covered (what I consider to be) a gamut in the short time I've been blogging (so you have a little catching up to do, if you care to). I've only just looked at your profile as yet, but I imagine if I don't get too distracted, I'll check out your blog soon(-ish)!

  3. I can understand your frustration and learned a very valuable lesson with my taxes. I waited until the last minute one year to mail it, and then it got lost in the mail and the penalty was severe. I will never risk sending in the tax money that way again because you lose control the minute you give the postal worker the check.

    1. Wanda, just in case you opted to "receive notifications", let me apologize profusely for only Just Now seeing that you commented here! If you've been reading "current" stuff since your comment, then you'll know that I was busy Not Blogging with other stuff, so I totally missed seeing this!

      I'm sorry you had a penalty from mailing in your tax check. My frustration was with our lives and our living situation and our reason for being in North Carolina in the first place. I was actually quite happy to have to mail in two friggin' dollars to that stupid state, as I will never mail them another cent, EVAH!

      Thanks for joining me here. If you do become a regular reader/commenter, I should be a little better about getting a reply out to you. One of the main reasons I blog at all is to connect with folks, whether I know 'em personally or not.


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