Saturday, April 12, 2014

an uncultured swine

I had a pretty lazy day today...

I checked all the emails and Facebook posts and blog stats (repeatedly, due to my "A Difficult Topic" post possibly "kickin' up some dirt," as my sister, Cheryl, the InnerHippie indicated).  I mixed that up with several games of Mahjongg, Minesweeper, and Solitaire.  I helped Stephen carry out a little furniture that we'll be taking to the consignment store on Monday.  Back to my rotation, and he went to work.

Then I plopped in front of the TV and watched the oldest unwatched movies in the DVR queue.  The oldest thing I hadn't watched, so the first thing I watched today, was "The Bourne Legacy."  Since I am a self-proclaimed non-reader, no one expects me to have read Robert Ludlum's series.  I own the first three "Bourne" movies on Blu-Ray.  All I knew of "Legacy" was that it did NOT star Matt Damon, so I assumed the producers were doing a reboot, with Jeremy Renner in as Jason.  Stupid... it's another sequel!  And if you can get past the handheld camera work, particularly during fight and chase scenes, it's not bad!  For what it is, you know.

Then I popped a batch of popcorn and went to the next-oldest in the queue, "Anna Karenina."  THIS movie is why I call myself uncultured.  I managed to never read it in high school; I have no idea if the movie even remotely follows the Classic Russian Literature that it is.  But I have NEVER been a fan of Keira Knightley - I've always hated how she holds her mouth, and there's just ... I dunno ... something ... off-putting about her.  Then I start watching this movie, and I cannot for the life of me follow it.  I can't remember how people are related to each other, and there are too many Alexeis, and when the affair actually starts, I really hate all the players.  All of them.  And then she throws herself onto the tracks (I know, SPOILERS!) and I'm happy she's dead, but the movie doesn't end!  And then it finally does, and I'm left feeling, "WTF?"

And now I'm back to checking emails and Facebooks and blog stats (repeatedly, because, you know, reasons) and playing more Mahjongg and Minesweeper and Solitaire.  Unless I watch whatever's next in the queue... but I'm afraid to do that - it's "Les Miserables."

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