Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stephen left me this morning

... around 9:30 for the nearly-hour drive to start his 9 1/2 hour day at work (they're having a company meeting after they close at 7) so he can drive for nearly an hour to get home late.  I know, I know, that title was quite a tease!  He just had such a long day ahead of him, and with me home all day, I didn't know what I'd get around to doing.

I've posted a flyer about my "Drop-In Non-Yard Sale" but I haven't seen a neighbor drop in yet, nor do I know if the HOA is allowing it to stay at the mailboxes where I posted it.  This little "community" is ridiculous.  There are nearly 100 condos; plenty of parking and trash dumpsters; "lawn" space where there was a big church-sponsored event yesterday; central mailboxes with no central bulletin board.  The church folks had left flyers in the doors a week ago and then came around with more flyers yesterday morning, and had posted one at the mailboxes.  I'm not spending the money on ink and paper to leave my flyer in every door.  But I've been "warned" by the president of the HOA that "the board may not approve" my request to post my flyer at the mailboxes.  Whatever.  I shouldn't have called for permission - I should have waited for the reprimand and then asked forgiveness.

What all of that leads to, though, is the fact that NEXT WEEKEND we will be hauling furniture to a local Flea Market.  At least one dresser will go on Saturday, and hopefully we come home that afternoon with an empty van, so another one can go on Sunday.  This means we've got to start downscaling our wardrobes.  THAT is what I've been doing today - I've been on my feet for several hours, going through every pair of hosiery, undergarments, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants, and swimsuits - unfolding, refolding, sorting what gets kept, tossed, or potentially sold this weekend.  While I was at it, I also consolidated my jeans onto one five-part hanger down from two, and every long-sleeved top in my closet got sorted as well.  The keeper tops have been stashed in a couple of "suck bags" to make shipping easier.

I'm done.  When the doll that sold gets paid for, I gotta pack her up to ship tomorrow.  In the meantime, I think I'm gonna sit here on my ass and play Minesweeper.


  1. And that's what you should do. I'll authorize that activity. Send any complaints my way and I'll give 'em what for!

    1. Actually, right after I posted this, I checked ebay and the doll had been paid for, so I've just finished packing her and scheduling my pickup. NOW I can play games! :)

      Thank you for your permission.

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