Monday, April 21, 2014

Winding it Down...

Had NO ITEMS scheduled to "close" today on ebay, so it was time to post a buncha new stuff.  Stephen went through more of his trading cards (you know, the cards you used to buy with bubblegum?) and we listed short stacks of NBA, Battlestar Gallactica, Movie Monsters, and a really big stack of NFL cards.  Most of the cards will ship in a large envelope.  Not the FOURTEEN HUNDRED NFL cards.  Nope.  Those fit perfectly in a large Yoplait yogurt box, the kind you get when you buy your yogurt cups in bulk at the Sam's Club.  You read that right, kids. One. Thousand. Four. Hundred.  Ebay limits you to twelve photos per posting.  I didn't even try, (I posted three).

Also got some dolls listed.  Also took more photos for some listings tomorrow.  But I'm limited to 17 more listings this month, before I have to start paying for the privilege of listing them.  They limit my inventory to 100 unless I upgrade my seller status.  I think I can wait until some of this stuff sells this week, or May 1st.  We're getting close to the wire here, where we're going to shutter both stores, and take any remaining "inventory" up to the flea market or the stepmom's yard sale or back into storage in stepmom's attic (from whence the dolls came).

Still hoping to unload most of the furniture at the local consignment shop before then, though.  Don't really want to have to haul anything "big."  Gonna pick up a check for the trains this week, we hope.  Might haul all the comics to the comic guy and let him cut us a check.  Maybe this week, maybe next.

We'll be flea marketing on the May 1st/May 2nd weekend, probably.  Maybe scheduling that will be my primary task for tomorrow.  Just winding it all down.  Feels good.

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