Sunday, April 6, 2014

blogging stats, in case you're interested

When I discover new readers in a foreign country where I'm not sure if I know anyone, I post a "Welcome" message, to encourage those readers to return.  I have no idea if it's an effective way of marketing myself or my page.  Not that it matters.  I'm not doing this to make a living.  I'm just doing it because... reasons.

But in case you're interested in my stats, here's a screenshot of what I get to see.  Usually, it shows me a week's worth or a day's worth, and which posts have been "hit" but I wanted to see the map of "all time" for my particular page.

If the picture is too small, you can embiggen your display by pressing (Ctrl)-(+) until you can see what you want.  (Ctrl)-(-) will smallerize the display, and (Ctrl)-(0) will reset it to default.  You may have already known that; I'm just lettin' ya know in case you didn't.

If you're competitive at all and think "I could do better than that!" (regarding blog stats, of course), then by all means, start blogging!  Here at it is VERY EASY to start.

UPDATE: here's today's screenshot:
How is it that I've suddenly made more friends in Australia who have visited in the last 24 hours than anyone who reads me in the US?  This is very funny to me.  Look.  On the map.  AUSTRALIA is a darker green than my HOME COUNTRY!


  1. I like to check out where my page views are coming from too and love seeing countries I've never heard of. I mentioned one sole reader from South Korea one day and they never showed up again. I think I scared em away. Visiting from Australia and Kelly's blog :)

    1. When I first started, I had daily readers in Malaysia, and it didn't occur to me to "welcome" them... they have since stopped checking on me, and I suppose that's okay. Who(m?)ever is reading me in Germany does check at least weekly. I know who reads me in Australia ( ;) ) and UK. I visited your "J" day today; thanks for visiting me!


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