Monday, April 28, 2014

No one left anyone today

... at least, not in this particular household.

We had a busy day.  Here are the "checked" To-Do List items:

  • empty a bookshelf
  • lug it downstairs to the van (to take to the flea market on Saturday)
  • recover from THAT

  • sort through Stephen's dresser and some of the closet to "keep, sell, or discard" (downscale) his clothing
  • make a short run to visit with his stepmom
  • visit a bank to turn coinage into paper
  • mail a package to Cheryl

  • EAT
  • run out to Trader Joe's to pick up a small week of groceries (this is a 40-mile round trip, so that makes it a "To-Do")
  • get a free cake square from Dewey's (Stephen had NEVER had one before today!)
  • stop at the used bookstore and spend some store credit for new (for us) Blu-Rays and a couple Phil Collins CD's
  • sell another doll

  • blog

We're heading towards four big milestones, starting this weekend.  Things are getting exciting.

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