Friday, April 25, 2014

Mommy and the Red Hat

Today is, among other things, Red Hat Society Day.  I only care about this because Mommy considered herself to be an honorary member (in that she would wear her red hat with her purple gown, not that she ever attended any of their functions or "joined" the group).

When she died, I asked all family members who were willing to write eulogies that I would read at the funeral services, if they were unable to read them.  I had somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen pages in my hands, that I had shuffled randomly, so no one would know "I'm next" and everyone could just listen to each one.  Then, when you were called on, you could decide in that moment whether you wanted to read yours or have me read it.  I think it worked out pretty well for all involved.

I got called out by my aunt, though, because what I wore to the services was Mommy's purple gown and red hat.  The aunt said I wasn't old enough to wear them.  My internal response was something along the lines of "listen, bitch - I'm not trying to join some damn club" while my external (actually voiced) response was "I'm wearing this in honor of Mommy."  Both sentiments were true.

So.  If you have a red hat, wear it today!  If someone you know and love has a red hat, encourage them to wear it!  If you can somehow honor someone like my Mommy by wearing their red hat, I give you my permission and blessing to do so.


  1. On my Facebook wall (the cover photo). I got this from a friend (Pat Geese) who was the associate pastor at Deltona Christian Church (which Mommy attended semi-regularly). There was a Red Hat tea and Mommy went.


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