Saturday, April 26, 2014

What's happening on YOUR Saturday?

MINE started at seven o'clock this morning, awake for no good reason but awake.  I'd listed a few new (old) dolls yesterday, and one of them sold overnight!  So I got it packaged and ready for the mailman, and tried to determine what else to accomplish today.

The local church folk had sent out flyers that there'd be a "Family Friendly Fun Event" happening in our adjacent lawn from 11 - 4 today, so I was sort of planning on attending to meet my neighbors ... and maybe generate some interest in a "Drop-In Non-Yard Sale" so we can move our furniture out locally for cash.  'Bout 10 o'clock, the doorbell rang, and this couple from the church were handing out MORE flyers!  Had a little chat with 'em; we were all friendly enough, and they encouraged me to definitely drop by to do as I had intended with MY flyer.

I got back online and found that THREE MORE dolls that had posted last night had sold, so I had to figure out if I could get them out today with the shipping supplies I had on hand.  YES, I could, but I definitely needed a trip to the office-supply store for MORE boxes as well as stickers for all the junk we'll be hauling to the flea market next weekend.  So.  Prepared the dolls for shipping; put them and myself in the car for a quick trip to the real world (my mailman had popped by while I was chatting with the churchies).

So MY Saturday has been:

  • awaken early
  • ship additional doll
  • befriend some churchies
  • ship three additional dolls
  • buy more sales supplies
  • get a free hot dog at the Church Revival Service disguised as a "Family Friendly Fun Event"
  • talk to the one neighbor I already know
  • come back up to the office and try to list DVD cases in the store - NOT HAPPENING - they weigh just enough to cost an arm and a leg and a kidney to ship, so any buyers would pay 500% of their purchase price in shipping
  • listen to the revival from my open window, and wonder how they're ever going to get all the way to 4:00 with their "entertainment"
  • blog
at least the weather is nice... I do need to post my "flyer" at the mailboxes, and I can hope that my Money Magnetism will carry into this week, here at the apartment, and that most of the furniture (at least the heaviest) will get moved by others down those stairs before I have to help Stephen load the van for next weekend.

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