Thursday, April 24, 2014


When we sold all the trains and train accoutrement to the train guy, he had indicated LOUD AND CLEAR that he did not want any of our spare track.  So today, we took 23 pounds of #2 Steel Scrap to the local recycling place (a bin full), and made BIG MONEY!  Seriously, NOT.  Not even enough for a single cuppa at the local joe joint.  BUT, we no longer own a bin of worthless train track!  Woo Hoo!

In other news, we sold a book today for a few dollahs (well, ONE dollah, really) more than the track went for.  And there are lots of watchers on a few items that close in MINUTES!  In fact, if I publish this BEFORE I check ebay once more, I may find that we sold another doll or two for even more dollahs!  That'd be SWEET!  If they don't sell today, though, I bet all those watchers come back for the renew.

Still have too much furniture in this place though, and the only real option left to us is to haul it to the flea market the first weekend of May and hope to not bring it home.  We're at the point where we almost don't even care what people offer for it, if they'd just MAKE an offer.

The sun is out.  The air is "clean."  My personal pollen count is still high, but we've run our air filtration system on "sanitize" and we've got ceiling fans blowing, and I'm hoping that by the time I get to bed tonight, I'll sleep my allergies away.

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