Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spend some, Earn some

Today was the day I picked up the check from the train guy.  Not a spectacular offer for the four big bin/boxes of (mostly) Lionel Post (World) War (II) engines, rolling stock, transformers, and landscaping accessories.  But a fair and decent offer.  One that Stephen can live with.  One that puts us that much closer to our move.  And when I got home, I did the "take a picture" direct deposit with the bank, and they've accepted it and told me to void the check.  Now it sits there collecting interest before it actually "clears" in five business days.  Still, better than sitting in my wallet.  WAY better than cash, at this point.

Before I got home, though, I had to go over to Precision Tune.  My car's been making a metallic grinding noise - sporadically, on occasion - and since we'll be driving it across the country soonish... might wanna get that checked out.  Usually, your brake PADS give you an audible warning that it's time to replace them.  If my last set actually did that, it was long enough ago that we ignored it and it went away.  So NOW, I've got worn-out pads, etched rotors, and air mixed with fluid in the brake lines.  TOTAL "do-over."  To the tune of almost twice the value of the check I just picked up today.  YIKES.

But, while I was in the lobby waiting for some status (they hadn't given me the "bad news" yet), I went to clean my glasses, and I noticed an eyelash on the left lens.  Do you ever make a wish on an eyelash?  I don't have any idea if that's a common thing, or just something my crazy sister made up, but I just went ahead and made some monetary ebay-related wish, and blew the eyelash away.  Since it didn't stick, I'm supposed to get my wish.  ... Left there with another six months "same as cash" deal and came home.

... where I discovered new bids on another item that closes today!  Yay!  And more watchers on other stuff!  Yay!  I am a Money Magnet, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


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    1. yes, of course it did... but is it a thing? or just OUR thing? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. That's very funny, Rachel. How do I trust that you didn't just learn if from my "crazy sister," your MOTHER, eh? ;)


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