Tuesday, April 22, 2014

POSITIVE feedback only, Dadgummit!

Got my first "neutral" review on ebay today.  From someone who has received at least two "neutral" reviews in her recent past.

I had listed a Chatty Cathy with both auction and Buy It Now prices, including photos and all the history I had on her.  In the TITLE of the listing, I indicated that she wasn't "Chatty" because she had no pull-string.  I very clearly stated "no returns - ask questions before you buy" and had actually gotten a question regarding her composition and coloring (were her limbs a different color from her torso?).  She had four "watchers" while she was up for bid for a week.  The chick who bought her had sold, in her own store, THREE Chatty Cathies in the last month, all as "parts."  She paid the full "Buy it Now" price for mine, rather than bidding less and seeing if the other watchers wanted her badly enough, and she asked no questions.  I'm not sure she bothered to read my description or look at the pictures.  I sent her out Priority Mail with some air-bag filler.  I did not wrap her carefully, because she's a PLASTIC doll and should ship easily.  Priority Mail comes with $50 insurance against loss or damage.

When she arrived, I received a message through the system saying that the doll had been "broken into and re-glued badly" and that her arm was OFF.  My response was a reference back to the listing, with photos, and an indication that I knew nothing of the "broken into/re-glue" as well as all of her limbs being properly attached when I shipped her.  I suggested she file an insurance claim through the Post Office.

I waited for her response, and went to her feedback page to see what folks had to say about her.  I discovered the three Chatty Cathies she'd sold in the last month, all listed as "parts."  The oldest one in the system had sold for less than she paid for mine.  The other two she had accepted "Best Offers" on, but they were both originally listed for more than double my listing.  Her "neutral" comments indicated receipt of items not as described.

So today, having still heard nothing back from her, I noticed that she had left feedback.  It essentially said that I had sold her an item "not as described" and that, when informed of her dissatisfaction, I had said "to bad."  If you know me, you know I would NEVER say "to bad" unless it were in the sentence "Things went from good to bad."

So I'll never sell another doll to "For the Love of Dolls" ever again.  I feel to bad about that. ;)

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