Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stephen made me do it...

... sort of.

There I was, "minding the store," LITERALLY, because I knew several auctions would close today, and I'd sell at least ONE item, because it already had a bid.  And I was Facebooking, and I was checking emails, and I was playing games.  Here, sitting on my butt in my pretty purple desk chair, in front of my computer.

Stephen had finished all he'd do on his computer this morning, and was moving towards leaving for work.  As he came in to kiss me good-bye, he said, "try to get away from the computer today.  I dunno, take a walk, or watch a movie with commentary, or SOMETHING."


So here's SOMETHING:

I'd been saying that it was making me crazy, and I was only keeping it "long" because of wanting a natural "hat."  I was planning to cut it as soon as the weather would lead me to believe that it is actually SPRING here.  But I've got three months before I'll be home and it may need to be a "reasonable" length for any background acting gigs I get that aren't "Butch Lesbian."  (Yes, the film industry is THAT stereotypical.)  So I went for it - I stepped outside, visiting with my neighbors on the front deck, plugged the trimmers in and used my storm door as a mirror.  Not that you need a mirror for this.  You just keep going until it's all gone.  Great head massage.

Showered and re-dressed; anyone else notice the irony?

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