Sunday, November 16, 2014

... AAAAND then, I went to bed EARLY. ...AAAND THEN, I got 10-ish hours or so? (of sleep)

Just imagine a TODDLER, complete with paci,
dressed this way.

So that I could go "float" again today, and prepare myself mentally for cashiering tomorrow.  Today's shift was fiiine! (quit pestering me already!) but I managed to 
  1. trip a tiny "Mr. Incredible"  :'(
  2. AND card my astrological twin - okay, fiiine! she's only 21, but we share a birth DAY, at least, 
  3. AND I did the "side work" of two people because the dude who was supposed to do the other stuff left promptly at 2, informing us that he had done it and had been "cut" by the server whose job it was to "cut" him.  He hadn't worked as a member of our little host/float "team" all day, he'd just done his own thing, and he lied about having done the sidework. 
Whatever. Just shows you why he doesn't ever get to cashier. Or something. It shows you something. Maybe. Or not. I dunno. Quit pestering me!

Ennyhoo. Today was not a horrible day; we were very busy through most of the shift, which is a very good thing in the restaurant biz. Tomorrow will likely be pretty doggone slow. Joy. At least it starts early enough that I won't have to fight traffic to get there!

This evening, I did some online banking. Got some bills paid. Always a good thing. Gonna chill out with some teevee, I think, and maybe consume my portion of wine and chocolate before Stephen gets home, just so I can hit that sack early again. Maybe.

Oh. And that VO gig I did for my friend? She tells me it came out great. Yay!


  1. I sure wish I could see that toddler Mr. Incredible. Oh, well. Maybe I'll just go watch it again. Might be too soon as we've already rewatched it this week. No such thing as too much Incredibles, imho.

    Although it's nice to be busy, my feet hurt just reading your work schedule. Well done, you. I'll stick to my job - which also makes my feet hurt by end of day.

    1. No such thing as too much Incredibles. Toddler was SOOOOO cute!

      Tomorrow - first day "off" in twelve consecutive days - will be spent replacing the restaurant job (I hope)! w00t!

  2. How did you trip a tiny incredible!! There must be a story there!!!

    1. He was crossing behind me, and I stepped backward, not seeing him - ya know, in the restaurant biz, you're s'posedta yell "behind you!" when you're at someone's back! so, not really my fault ;) ... and that's the full story.


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