Friday, November 21, 2014

...OR, I could just keep working.

I picked up another shift tomorrow, cashiering, and if my previously "standard" schedule is any indication of what next week brings, that will make today Day Fifteen of Eighteen consecutive Days of income-producing work (including interview days, because you have to act like you actually Have The Job in order to get hired for it {dressing up and taking tests and whatnot}).

On my way home today, I was calling the theme park recruiter, because he said he'd be expecting my call today after 3. I have yet to reach his live voice. I've left one message in his voicemail, and if he doesn't return my call before 5, I'll leave one more for the weekend.  And then, he'll probably call me back on Monday, and get MY voicemail, and we'll start a little game of phone-tag. Love that game. NOT.

And since I AM working tomorrow and Sunday and probably Monday, I've decided I'm not going to decide between the two potential jobs I've interviewed for. I'm going to let go of them (after my 5 o'clock voicemail to the recruiter) and just accept whichever position hires me first.

So there.

How have you worked to replace one not-so-great position with a better one? Did you do anything you'd recommend I add to my tasks? Were you able to "let go" at all while waiting to hear?

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