Monday, November 10, 2014

New "Lingo" we determined today for the Professional Background Actor (and others, maybe)

When acting in the background of a bar or restaurant (or other semi-crowded environment) scene, you don't actually speak or make vocal noise, EVER... but you do LOOK like you're conversing/having a conversation, meaning your silent lips are moving and forming words.  You're not whispering, you're "nonversing".

When the female server walks over and looks completely wasted, but you have no way to know for sure, you assume that "that chick is totally waitressed".

If, during a take, something makes you laugh so hard that you cry but you're trying to make no noise, you're "craffing" (probably should be spelled "craugh"/"craughter"/"craughing" but we weren't looking to add these words to any official lexicon, as yet).

Good day on set (but then again, any day on set is a good day, in my book).  Tomorrow, I may have more words for ya.  Or maybe a whole "dishing" on the world I live in.  Who knows?  I'm just hoping that tomorrow we manage to weed out the whiners and only the fun kids (like myself) get recalled to work Wednesday!

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