Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's been nearly a year since I started blogging, and A LOT has happened in the last year.
THANK YOU for keeping tabs with me.

Today, I do not have to go to work. I gave up my restaurant shift to a coworker early this week. She's grateful for the shift, and I'm grateful to be able to putter around here.

I didn't really sleep in - no, scratch that - I didn't sleep in at all, as I had planned. I was up at 7, trying to catch up on some blogs that I follow while everything was quiet. When Stephen got up, I had a bowl of cereal and one cuppa joe, and then I went back to bed, so that he could write in the quiet as well.

Didn't sleep right away, but I DID sleep. Heard him turn on the television; rubbed Cocoa's belly; got up to shower. Did a little more onlining, found a recipe for "Thanksgiving Dinner Ubiquitous Green Bean Casserole" that I could alter from its already-not-including-mushroom-soup alteration, and gave it a try.  Made a small batch, to test, to see what I'd need to tweak, before making the larger, servable batch for the "Late Afternoon/Early Evening Thanksgiving Dinner and Jello Shots" party we'll be attending 6-ish.  Stephen watched as much of his Cowboys game as he could stand (they're wearing their dark uniforms, even though they're the home team, and that clearly makes a difference in how they play, duh).

Have taste-tested the first batch and know what additional tweaks I need to make to "my" recipe. The biggest problem is that I did not measure anything the first time around. When did my cooking become so adventurous?

Start with a little of the first two
& add the broth as needed
Fire it up, and whisk away!
Add a coupla heapin' Tbsps
Once it's thick (maybe not THIS thick),
create a layer in the bottom of your pan
Tha's right - add BACON
Green beans, duh! (I use frozen)
Covered, in a 350 oven
For TEN minutes!

Mmm, cheesy goodness on top
UNcovered @ 350
For TWENTY minutes!

Top w/fried onion, cover, carry to the party
Watch the hosts cook some more;
put UGBC in Their 350 oven fr

Load Your Plate!
 I am grateful that we were invited to participate in a meal today. I'm grateful that I only had to prepare this ONE dish. I'm grateful that the party guests, few in number as we were, enjoyed the dish I prepared. I'm grateful for leftovers. Don't think I'll be transporting any food with me to the new job tomorrow, as it'll be a "short" day, so there may be no need for a dinner break. Haven't yet investigated the kitchen space there, but it looks (at first glance) to be a nice one. I'm grateful to have a new job with a nice kitchen space where I can bring in my own food, rather than hitting the food court on a daily basis (yes, my new job's in a mall).

Bring home leftovers, of COURSE!

Whether you "celebrate" Thanksgiving or not, what are you grateful for this season?


  1. Looks delicious! Oh, I am also grateful for so much too - mostly for Luke and my animals right now!

    1. I don't eat mushrooms, so that dish HAD to be tweaked from the standard (canned green beans, canned condensed mushroom soup, canned onions) to make it palatable for me. All the leftovers got added to the crock pot Stephen had started the day before, so it turned into more of a bisque than anything.

      My next attempt will use a bit less flour and a bit more veggie stock, I think, and I'll pour it over the beans instead of making a base.


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