Thursday, November 20, 2014

Your positive vibes needed, STAT!

Had what amounts to a very long, albeit productive, day. "Questionnaire" and "counselling" were words that I correctly said were misspelled on an admin test I took (both neglected the double-consonant), although when I wrote out the correct spellings, they didn't look any more "right" than the missplelleleings. Yeah.

Ennyhoo, my day. Went to the office of my BG-work "calling service" for a meet-n-greet, visitation/orientation "thing" and got a new profile pic taken. Good. Got some questions I didn't know I had, answered. Good. Reaffirmed my interest in a potential recruiter/admin position, when it gets officially created. Good.

Left there super-early and called to see if I could be seen early for my next appointment, which was "Interview 1.5" for a seasonal position at the local theme park. They let me in the door early, but the interview officially started... a few minutes late. Oh, well. Pros to this possible gig: it'll be very short-term, and will cover any gaps in my income left by the holiday hiati (that's the plural of "hiatus," right?) that happen near Thanksgiving and Christmas; it's very close to home; it could lead to another gig next season. Cons: it's minimum-or-not-much-more wage, and it's part-time, and it doesn't necessarily start until the first week of December, AND, if there's a union member who needs the shift, I have to relinquish it (before I ever get it), so there may not be enough shifts. Kinda like what I'm dealing with at the restaurant, except that there's no union there. Actually, the pros completely outweigh the restaurant, so don't even think that I'm planning on staying there for much longer! Just banish that thought right outta your head!!!

Followed that interview with a hands-on sewing test. I've been sewing for pleasure since childhood, but I've never had to complete a specific set of tasks under a time crunch before. I didn't make it to the "end" but I was told by the proctor that 1. most people don't, anyway, and 2. my work looked good, so I shouldn't worry. Whew!

Went from there to "Interview 1.5" for an admin position (receptionist, really) at a dance studio. On the way, traffic was backed up on the major street I was on, because some film or other was shooting a "driving" scene, complete with heavy-duty camera-rigged car and at least 3, if not 4, motorcycle cop escorts - and I was in the traffic going the other way. Got there ON TIME. Met one of the studio owners. Took an in-house "admin test," which was composed of a typing speed test (not very fast, at 35.4 wpm, but incredibly accurate - didn't check it but I don't think I had any errors), a spelling (correct or incorrect) test, a proofreading test where I was only supposed to circle spelling errors, but I also indicated grammar (punctuation) where necessary, a "make this spreadsheet happen in excel, but include the results of the formulas" test, and a "make this handwritten memo look like a nice word doc" test. I'm sure I blew all of those tests out of the water (well, all but the typing speed). I seemed to have made a good impression on the girl who's leaving. Pros: it's full-time and pays commensurate to skill, with benefits like insurance and 401k; it's an easier drive than I currently have; it's in a DANCE STUDIO, hello! Cons: it may take me completely out of the "industry" for a long while; I may not get to dance as much as I seem to think (unless I work out a deal with my previous studio on my days off); I won't hear anything about "Interview 2.0" (with the studio owners) until after Thanksgiving!

Came home on the back road, which was only congested because of rush hour (if I get the dance studio gig, I'll never have to worry about rush hour or horrible freeways again). Tomorrow, I'm back at the restaurant. At the end of my shift, I call the recruiter regarding "Interview 1" at the theme park ("1.5" was for a slightly different position than I went to "1" for, on Tuesday), to see if I can maybe be hired for BOTH positions, and that way, I could start as early as before Thanksgiving. No matter what comes out of it all, I'm pretty sure I'll be working next Thursday. It just remains to be seen where.

So if you're the kind of person who prays, or focuses on good things on behalf of others, or does anything that could sway one of these new jobs into my world, then please do so. I'm ready to be done with food service, ya know?

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