Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two Years Ago Today,

we were driving toward Lexington, KY to spend a night with my baby brother and his wife, as our last overnight before we reached what we expected to be our "forever home" in Thomasville, NC.  We were accustomed, after four days of driving, to ME driving first, because the furbabies wanted to visit during the first shift (since they'd been spending their nights alone in the car while we slept in hotel rooms or with family).  The weather was pleasant for the entire trip across the country.  I don't recall whether we encountered much in the way of precipitation, so any showers we drove through must have been manageable.  The evenings were cool, if not downright COLD (especially in Colorado, on All Hallows Eve, with Stephen's brother and his family).  The cats were okey-dokey.

We must have completed one driving shift when we crossed a state line that morning, so at the welcome center, we made phone calls to various folk to let them know of our progress. This was how we learned that Stephen's dad had died that morning.  We were ONE DAY late.  We had a lease on an apartment already and were ready to help the man recover, and to assist him in his work, and to learn a new trade and start a new life.  We'd put all of our earthly possessions into a shipping container which wouldn't arrive for at least another week after we did.

Possibly the only foresight we had, though, in packing the car, was including dressy clothing in the garment bag that we hung behind the driver's seat.  God may have told us (in our souls, not our intellects) that Steve, Sr. was not much longer for this earth, and we should at least have something to wear to his funeral.  But we didn't know we were being prescient until two years ago THIS MORNING.

Rest in Peace, Dad.  I hope you met up with Mommy right away, and she made you feel at home in your new Heavenly home.
Bill, Steve Sr., Stephen

p.s. thank you (again) to Brett and Emily for being ready for our arrival that night.  It wasn't a difficult drive for me that day, but it was very comforting to not have to take care of ourselves with grief on our minds.


  1. This makes me smile, albeit sadly.

    1. Yeah, I cry and smile simultaneously while writing/reading (proofing). Thanks.

  2. Lovely photo there. Ahh. I don't know how I would cope with this.

    1. The pic was taken at our wedding, and we don't have to plan to cope with stuff like this, we just manage to cope.


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