Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Long" Day today; likely a "short" day tomorrow

Not that "long or short" even matters when we're talking about days on set.  Any day on set is a good day, and so far, I'm having a good week of good days.  Yesterday was an eight-and-a-half-hour day and today was eleven hours on location, in a bar a good distance away, portraying a "lesbian", among 80 or so "lesbians", enjoying a night in "our local bar". Most of the 80 get to enjoy another night in the local bar tomorrow, but apparently I was a bit too "visible" or possibly "recognizable" or whatever, so they found me another gig.  I don't get to return to the gay bar.  Alas, I've had to leave my "lover" behind.  Altho the young lady who was my "lover" appears to have not been recalled tomorrow either, which is fine by her, since her sister's in labor, and she'd like to be present for the birth of her newest niece.  I'll miss her, as I'll miss the rest of the gang.  It's okay, though.  I'll see most of them on some other set, and we'll have fun reunions as "someone else".  I love my job.

TOMORROW, I'm back to my "type", playing an A.D.A. on a much closer set for what is likely to be a much shorter day.  I already know exactly which business suit I'll be wearing, and I know my route, and I know it'll be a great day (because any day on set is at least a good day). I love my job.

Oh, and you remember that "other" job I have, the restaurant gig that I was so stressed about on Sunday when I was trying to find someone to cover my shift for yesterday so I could do the film gig? Today, I got a text message from the guy I covered for last week, asking if I could cover his shift this afternoon. It felt really good to be able to reply "Sorry, nope, can't do it 'cuz I'm on set."  I'm sure he found someone else to cover for him, but I was happy to both be his first option and be in a position to decline.

Currently telling you what today/this week have been while I catch up on the DVR queue (Gotham then maybe Selfie then maybe Once Upon a Time or something else).  Did I mention that I love my job?  I think maybe I love my life.

Hope your job/life is/are as blessed as mine.


  1. I love that you love you life. It is certainly an exciting life to lead! Mine is less exciting, but I love it nonetheless. Wouldn't actually change it for the world (apart from maybe the visa blah)!

    1. I know that my life is the one I'm meant to be leading right now, albeit not nearly as "glamorous" or "exciting" as those outside of it may think it is. Lacking glamour or excitement for me is not a negative thing, though. I love it as it comes.

      YOUR life is pretty interesting to ME, Holly. I do hope your visa comes through for you, and soon.

    2. Thanks Emelle! Me too, but probably gonna be a year yet!

    3. Yowza! Another year to wait! So, lots of knitting and cooking and takin' care of the furbabies and Luke, and traveling about your new home. I think I would go a little nuts. I know that when I have long stretches of unemployment, it makes me a bit stir-crazy. Hopefully, there's enough to do in Hamilton to prevent that. :)


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