Thursday, November 6, 2014

Interestinger and Interestinger

Got my schedule all sorted out so I could work five shifts this week, which is a good thing...

Got a request from a co-worker to try to squeeze in some voiceover work on a class project for her, which I am VERY happy to do.  Managed to squeeze it into our Sunday, after work, including a bit of CARPOOLING, which is always a blessing.  Should be fun in numerous ways.

Went to "visitation" at Central Casting this morning, which was pretty much "as expected" - it's always good, if you're not working, to put your name and your face in front of the folks who can hire you, and there were a few good points made (or reiterated, I guess) for some who may have been a teensy bit less "in the know."  As usual, I found myself in a position to help one or two newbies out, and the casting directors got to see me in action, being the "Mother Hen of BG" as I had identified myself.  All good.

Came home to check in with the internets, and discovered a new reader.  Got a phone call telling me I'm booked for the first three days of next week.  Got the email saying the same.  Had to figure out how to "ask off" or be sure to find someone to cover the shifts, if it's too late to get the request in.

... and I've been a little sleepy since I came home from Central, and since I haven't taken a nap yet today, I think that's where you'll find me, if you need me in the next hour.  Like Cocoa and Smokey, altho
NOT in the sunshine on the kitchen table!


  1. Like my cats! I love the little tuffs on the ends of his ears! That is cute! Napping is my current favourite pastime!

    1. You appear to be "binge-ing" on me yesterday/today, Holly! I love it when my Canada gets really dark green; I can always expect at least one visitor from Canada to be an English girl. ;)

      Love napping; love the furbabies; love napping with the furbabies!


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