Tuesday, November 4, 2014

this is turning into an interesting week

My workweek at the restaurant is Monday - Sunday, so the schedule for the following week tends to be posted on Saturdays.  This is not a big deal for anyone, since we're all required to "be available to work" every weekend and every holiday.  It actually got posted on Friday, and one of my co-workers called while I was driving home to ask if I would trade my Monday morning cashiering shift for his Saturday night cashiering shift.  I said, sure, no problem.  I hadn't seen that Monday morning was my only cashiering shift and that I was only scheduled for two host/floater shifts and that I was unlikely to make much money this week, based on that schedule.

Went to work on Sunday and decided that I wanted my Monday shift back, for a couple of reasons.  One, I had not yet closed, and hadn't really worked that many cashiering shifts alone anyway, so I was hoping to just get one more "training" day (not really, but whatevs).  Two, the morning shift is an eight-hour shift (minus the half-hour meal break), and I'm not sure how long the closing shift is, but I know it's probably closer to seven if you stretch it.  So being scheduled for one cashiering and two host/floats was a severe cut in hours (from my two weeks of training), and I didn't want to give up even one hour on the clock.  Selfish?  Maybe.

But I'd already agreed to the swap, and the company is fair, so we left it as it was, and I was given an additional host/float shift for tomorrow to cover the girl who'd quit without notice (and in a huge huff, with straws and napkins and aprons and glassware and and and being thrown about, and the fires of hell being drawn up through the drainpipes, and all manner of blood and entrails being ripped from the diners who were present, and the ceiling tearing away from its moorings, spinning three times before reattaching itself).  Obviously, the girl who quit will not be missed, and I picked up one of her shifts!  Yay!

This morning, I received a text from the guy I was swapping shifts with (who did cover my cashier shift yesterday), to see if I wanted his evening cashier shift today.  His flight out to wherever it is he's going got changed to slightly earlier than first intended, so his week that had been made of four cashiering shifts has gotten whittled down to one, and my week that had consisted of 20 hours has grown to 30+. Excellent!

... And there may still be industry work for me on Thursday, or at the very least, visitation with the Casting Directors over at Central.  And I was wondering what I'd do with myself this week! :)


  1. So that's good. All things work together, etc. I'm glad you have a job (even if it appears to be perched at the edge of the gates of Hell, judging by the tantrum you so colorfully described) and I know you'll have loads of work in the industry now that you're back where you belong.

    1. Actually, she was unhappy with the dude who'd given me tonight's shift, and she threw her apron at (in the general direction of) another cashier, and some straws fell out of the pocket. But the more folks who asked what happened, the more the story grew. So I may have embellished just a teensy bit. Except the part about her not being missed. I didn't dislike her, but I didn't know her very well.

      Tonight ended up being a six hour shift, but I made decent tips, and it was a good training run for a closing, since it was my first.

      Loads of ANY work is better than sitting on my ass, and right now, I feel like a necessary cog in the wheel. 'Sall good. (Obvi, I'm gonna start yearning for industry work soonish)...


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