Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quite the successful end to a 20-day run

TODAY, I got up early and went to the restaurant job early and tried to take a little catnap in the car in the parking lot but DID NOT (yeah, I know, I keep harping on Yoda's "Do or Do Not - there is no Try"), eventually working pretty hard and steadily until they said I was done, only to head over to the dance studio for a training/final interview.

"Worked" for 3 hours and change, until the boss lady took me into her office to extend the job offer and schedule my next two days. Filled out most of my "new hire" paperwork and handshook/hugged a buncha folks ("welcome to our family" hugs) and then came home via my fave grocer, Trader Joe's.

Bought cut FLOWERS and a bubbly red Italian wine and a buncha other stuff that we may or may not need, but I was in the mood to CELEBRATE.  So here we are.

btw, did I mention I got the job? I got it. I got it. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!! Sweet! Full time, good pay, decent benefits, swaddled in the luxurious robe of dance.  Tomorrow, sleeping in followed by laundry followed by a Googled recipe for the ubiquitous green bean casserole without mushroom soup (since I hate mushrooms), followed by a "please bring a side dish and your appetite to our Thanksgiving Dinner with Jello Shots" party. Sayin' "yes" feels really good.


  1. congrats on getting the job!!! happy thanksgiving to you and stephen..

  2. Thanks, Ruth. Can you tell I'm happy? Have a restful Turkey Day (because I know tomorrow you'll be hating life at the Club)! Stephen says hello. :)


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