Thursday, June 19, 2014

Barefootin', Bill-Payin', and (fur)Babysittin'

Have had an opportunity to swim three days this week (so far), and with those opps, I also like to be barefoot as much as possible - I don't like to drip from my bathing suit down my feet into ANY shoes, even sandals or flip-flops, so when I was able to, I've walked barefoot.  Today, walking back from Daddy's pool, I walked about a third of the trip without my shoes, on concrete sidewalks that felt great, and asphalt streets that didn't quite.  Reached a point (say, a third of the total distance?) when I just had to put my shoes back on, because of pain in the soles of my feet.  Turns out, I had given myself matching blisters - one long one across the top of each foot's "ball" (near the toes) and another long-ISH one down the outside of each heel.  Walking in cushioned shoes or on carpeting doesn't hurt too badly, but barefoot on even just the kitchen floor is incredibly uncomfortable.  So tomorrow, before we go to the pool or anywhere else, Daddy's gonna nurse my poor feet with corn cushions.  I'm such a wuss, but I'm so glad to have my nurse Daddy.

Stephen's final paycheck from Sam's was deposited today, so I paid some bills.  Whoopie!  Also, WE GOT MAIL.  From the United States Postal Service.  Telling us we'd moved to Sorrento, Florida, and asking us to verify that the address they sent the little "you've moved" packets of coupons to was, in fact, correct.  Duh.  More packets to come, once we have an official California address!  Hopefully, soon.

Cocoa decided to be braver than usual this evening, and venture down the stairs, all the way into the living room where we were watching BTS featurettes on "The Dark Knight Rises."  Princess Kit was outside on the lanai, so she mostly didn't know that anything was any different.  Until Cocoa approached the back door and took it upon herself to hiss at her.  Kit, who has neither claws nor voice, managed to stand her ground and chase Cocoa back upstairs.  This happened two or three times.  They're probably not going to become BFFs before we leave on Monday, but as long as everyone's home and awake, I don't see a reason to keep Cocoa and Smokey locked up in one room.  At night (after bedtime) is a different story.  Daddy's behind his closed door; Kit's got the run of the downstairs; we're sleeping upstairs.  Not going to have to trek downstairs to break up a catfight because our guest babies are trying to oust the resident royalty.

We're Havin' Some Fun Now!

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