Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, Suck-Bag Sunday! (sing it with me, kids!)

Here's what's GREAT about "Suck-Bag Sunday:" it actually feels like you're moving, when almost all of your clothes are packed into vacuum bags for short-term storage.  This has been one of Stephen's dilemmas or issues or quandaries, what have you, with my "pattern" of moving.  I tend to procrastinate in a lot of things, and packing for a TRIP is not one of those things, but packing for a MOVE is.  'Cause I'm still usin' stuff!

So about two weeks ago, I packed three weeks' worth of clothing into our shared suitcase, and another three weeks' worth in the dresser.  This gave me everything I would expect to wear before we get to California.  I did not, however, pack everything else for shipping.  Because, reasons.

So today, I've gone through all of my clothes.  The stuff you see in the first two pics were "sucked" awhile ago, because it's all of our (both wardrobes') "winter" clothes.

Everything in the rest of the pics got "packed" today.  I pulled a few items out of the suitcase, and everything out of the drawers, and basically re-packed the suitcase for living out of, as of today.  

There are a few dresses still hanging in the closet, as well as one nice pair of slacks, for "just in case."  ALL of the rest of my clothes are now either: in a suck-bag, or in the suitcase, or in the laundry hamper.

What SUX about "Suck-Bag Sunday:" some of the bags are being re-used from the last trip, and I discovered a leak or three.  AND, there are still a few dresses hanging in the closet, as well as some dirty clothes in the hamper.  So I'm not really "done."

Plus, Stephen still has to decide what to pack and what to suck! ;)  Not that I'm rushing him, mind you - he also still has a few days of work left!  And far be if from me, the official "Procrastinator" of the family, to rush anyone else!

We are makin' progress, kids.  You might not know it to look at this place, but in less than TWO WEEKS, we will be outta here!


  1. It's very exciting to read of your adventures. I hope once you're a big movie producer/director/star/scripty genius that you'll still write - 'cause it's really fun for me to read your stuff and whatever, you know. :-) (Plus, I like seeing my little feed checker icon thingy light up with a number) Just keep sucking baby. Keep on sucking!

    1. I hope I'll still have inspiration to write, once I'm a big movie genius. I AM enjoying the blogging, and I do find the stats FASCINATING. Plus, I like seeing that my big sis (or "bis" as the kids are calling it) has commented!

      I suck! :)

    2. will you send me a screen shot of your "little feed checker icon thingy" when it's lit up with a number?

    3. I sent it to three different emails. Hope you get it.

    4. wow. that's a lot of little icon thingies in that corner!

    5. :-D I got lots going on at any one time!


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