Monday, June 16, 2014


Fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high!  Okay, okay, I won't keep singing.  But you're welcome to. :)

Here's what we did today:

  •  Drank Bulletproof Coffee with Daddy.  His first cup was also his last cup.  Not a fan.
  •  Rode all over Apopka looking for the TV repair shop.  The address listed online was not correct.  The guy on the phone didn't say so, until we reached that address, and he said, "Oh.  No.  We moved." and then proceeded to give us an address that was not found by the Garmin.  While we were out, we refreshed ourselves at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru, and had such an extraordinarily lovely experience with the chick handling our order, that we let her know we'd like to leave some complimentary comments for her with corporate, and was there a convenient way for us to do that?  OF COURSE!  The online survey link on the receipt!  Yay!
  •  Headed home from the TV fun trip with the intention of a swim and/or throwing pennies at kids in the pool; huge Florida thunderstorm prevented that one, and while Stephen was home all that time writing, he didn't know that I had cracked the car windows and left the sunroof "popped."
  •  Had Publix's famous key lime pie.  It's good.  Better than making it yourself.  I think I prefer my homemade key lime pie ice cream, though.  Not that I won't help the menfolk finish the pie, mind you.
  •  Took Daddy's bin-o-rags to dry out the car.  Hopefully, it'll be dry enough for our short road-trip tomorrow.
  •  Had a nap before our steak dinner.  Mmm, sleep.  Mmm, steak... and tater tots... and spinach with Kerrygold butter... mmm.
  •  Watched "Knight and Day" on the small TV monitor.  Fun movie; deserves a real screen.  HOW ON EARTH does anyone enjoy watching feature films on tablets and smartphones?  I don't get it.
Tomorrow, we drive to Palm City for an overnight with Sally and Michael.  I have been assured by numerous sources that the cats will be fine.

And now, I pack the small overnight bag, brush the teeth, and head off to sleepytime again.  G'nite!

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