Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh! Canada! (Welcome!)

You've turned my entire North American map green!  At last!  Who do ya know in South America? ;)


So I put a buncha miles on my car again today.  This is both good news and bad.  We have GOT to find housing in Los Angeles, and soon.  We're currently housed in a Motel 6 that's 22 miles away from where we're hoping to land, and I needed to make two round-trips.  Then, when we got back, we realized that we had not eaten any "real" food yet today, and Stephen had a caffeine-withdrawal headache, so we walked over to the Denny's that's near the hotel.

We sat and drank one cuppa each, and the various families seated around us got poor service.  That seemed to result in more noise from the smallest of kids, which only exacerbated Stephen's headache.  Meanwhile, we got no service beyond that first cuppa, so we left.  The dude at the counter didn't charge us for the joe, and tried to offer us an order placement, but we were done.

Came back to the hotel room; got some takeout menus from the office; drove down the road to find something with fewer choices.  Sometimes a menu can be overwhelming, ya know?  Went to a pizza place and ordered a steak (actually "Steakum") calzone and a large Greek Salad, to go.  While we sat and waited, we determined that if tomorrow's housing search doesn't produce something really fantastic, we have one place we're willing to apply for and live in for a year.  We may give the search two more days rather than one, but we expect to be moving into our new digs somewhere before this week is out.

The hotel is fine; they are truly "pet friendly," and the furbabies are fairly calm here.  But they know that this isn't the end - there's going to be one more trip.  Hopefully, just one more trip.  Then I won't have to put 100 miles on my car daily anymore.

All in God's Good Timing.  Everything about this move has been, and housing will be, too.


  1. Still - it's good to be home, no? Wandering around your hometown looking for a place to land is far better (to me) than driving endless miles to get to said city. I was always glad to alight, even if it meant we weren't done. That's what happened with Fairbanks. That was the only place where we didn't have a place, yet. God will show you where you're both meant to stay. I'm counting on it.

    1. Absolutely good to be home. Our thinking that it would be efficient (and possibly "easy") to find housing long-distance was a minor mistake. It may be possible to do in cities other than LA. We were both working from our knowledge of neighborhoods, but all of the listings that may have worked out when we first saw them got rented to locals before we could get feet on the ground. Again, we do have faith that what will be will be. :)

  2. Google at my comment dammit

    I SAID - I hope that whatever happens in the next few days, the place you call home for the next year feels like just that xx

    1. The place we have landed feels really great, which is kind of a bonus, because anywhere we'd have landed would have felt like home. We've been busy with the unpacking, which is equal to packing in yuckiness, IMO, but it doesn't matter. We're home.

      "Google at my comment" - LOL! (and thank you for the spellcheck, because I was just a teensy bit lost, thinking you were giving me some kind of command).


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