Friday, June 13, 2014

Runnin' outta online time...

Here's what we've done today:

  • Finish loading the pod.  That sucker is FULL and ready to ship.
  • Cooked some frozen fish and tater tots on the George Forman.  We now have TWO perfect cooking apparati, in lack of stove or oven or microwave, and those are the crock pot, and the GF.  AMAZING.
  • Dealt with my sour stomach issues, AGAIN.  We are both looking SO forward to Sunday.
  • Did a bit of cleaning.
  • Dropped a few items that didn't fit in the pod off at the stepMIL's.  Did a bit more cleaning.
  • Dropped the license plate off at the tag office; CSR was a touch "touchy" in her attitudes about the fact that she's being paid to not help folks, since her computers are down; all we needed was to turn in the tag.  Got the truck canceled from our insurance; verified that our personal property in the pod is covered under our renter's insurance.
  • Dropped off the modem at Time Warner.  Got fussed at for photographing within the building, even though they don't yet have any signage that says you can't.  I'm okay, we didn't allow it at TJ's either.  I deleted the pics and then took one OUTSIDE as Stephen was approaching the car.
  • Brought the laptop with us to Precision Tune so I could BLOG TODAY, while the car's getting an oil change.  We had enough oil life to get us to Florida, but this allows the industrial-strength cleaning supplies to work their magic while we're outta the apartment, AND we don't lose any visiting time with Daddy.
Here's what's still ahead today:
  • Load the car.  Anything that doesn't fit, doesn't go.
  • Dine one last time with the stepMIL.
  • Finish cleaning; drink the last bottle of wine & eat the rest of the chocolate
  • Go to bed once we're done, so tomorrow we can get up and out early again!
I've been photo-documenting this move, and you've seen some of those pics... can't attach any pics today, because, while I have the camera, I do not have the little cable thingy that gives the laptop access.  And don't EVEN tell me to get a smartphone!  Shut up!  I like my stupidphone!

Tomorrow: "On the road again" (altho I won't be able to post until we've actually arrived)


  1. Too bad about that sour stomach. I hope it settles once you're on the way.

    1. I still awoke with it this morning, but it did settle once we were enroute. I'm hoping that it's officially gone before I awaken tomorrow morning.


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