Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DAY THREE of "pod" loading

We got a van load put into the shipping container and then met up with a friend back at the ranch... buncha stuff tidied/organized/downsized etc. and then a van-load-and-a-half put in place, and DANG does that thing look like there's no more room at the inn!

But we came back to the apartment and did some more tidying/organizing/downsizing (the other day, it was "free gifts with purchase" but today, it was THANK YOU, Marylee for helping us make the emotional break from these things by packing, unscrewing, loading, cleaning, whatever).  Ya see, Marylee is a pro, and while she does not "want" us to go, she knows we're "heading for our destiny."  Thank you, Marylee, for all the support, all along the way.  Please, take these curtains and rods and these wok parts and oh, this cool bag with softball bats and, um, these pogo sticks, too? as a "token" of our appreciation.  You sure you don't need an end table or a tv stand?

She did take a buncha good stuff off our hands, and she let us take her to dinner, because that's what you do when a friend says "what do you need me to do?"

We all three did so much today, and I'm becoming melancholy over the continual (or is that continuous?) downsizing that's having to happen.  I don't mean to be; I'm fighting it, because I know that as soon as my fully-laden car is driving south, all my stress will melt away.  It'll mean there's nothing left to pack, nothing left to load, nothing left to carry down these damn stairs, nothing left to cause my knee or hip to "catch", nothing left to cause my back to spasm, nothing left to cry over.  I'll be heading toward my destiny, with Stephen and the cats, with stops in Florida and Charleston and elsewhere.  I'll be HOME by the first of July.


Thank you, Marylee.  Don't mind me - I'm just gonna cry now, because reasons.


  1. Awww. :-( It's hard, but it's worth it. You know it. I know it. However, sometimes you just need to cry.

    1. Well, plus, my stomach has pretty much stayed in knots since about Monday night. We're not consuming enough calories for all that we're burning off, and beyond that, we're also flushing a lot away, IYKWIM. So, yeah, stress!

      On the flip side, Malaysia and Poland are back, in addition to Japan having arrived! :)


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