Saturday, June 7, 2014

The yard sale was today, but it seems to be continuing...

I gave up my crown... you know, that crown I was wearing ALL MONTH because it's my birth month?  I gave it to a little girl today.  She wasn't looking at or for anything specific; her parental units (they could have been grands or aunt/uncle or even her abductors!) didn't buy anything; it wasn't like she even asked me why I was wearing a crown!  Whatev, ya know?  I asked if she needed a crown; the parental units both eagerly agreed, and they let me take it from my own head and place it on hers.  I dunno why I did it.  I guess, maybe, I just needed to connect with a child who was also a stranger.

Moved a little bit of stuff and made a little bit of money.  Had enough strength and organizational skills at the end of the day to load the van up without help.  That was good.  Still not transporting most of what I brought home back to Cali, so I've got to figure out where to "donate" it all tomorrow, so that Monday, when we go to U-Haul to start loading, we actually have a van full of load.

Got home from yard sale-ing and helped get the sofa/loveseat into the vehicles.  Also made plans for a few more items to go out tomorrow.  Got a text a little later for even more items!  It's been a good day for getting rid of stuff!

Still gotta figure out where to "donate" the rest, and get that done... tomorrow.  Wow.  It's happenin', kids.


  1. I hate going through the process of selling or trying to sell everything and then having to organise to get rid of the rest afterwards. Seems like you handled it pretty well.

    1. It has been a rather arduous process. Now that the moving pod is as full as it can get, AND the car was packed as tightly as possible, we've left the former housing and are "homeless" or vacationing until we reach our final California destination. Downsizing was NOT fun, and it felt better to get treasures into the "right" hands than to just sell or give items away to nondescript people or charities. So glad it's over, for now. Also, I intend to keep our lives as simple as possible, not replacing things just because we no longer have them. We'll see how long that lasts! ;)


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