Thursday, June 12, 2014

We resume the countdown (I know, I know, I had let it slip and left you wondering)!

Only, I might hafta count you UP this time.  We'll see.

  • in ZERO days, we will finish breaking down the bed of all parts that need shipping, pack the tv preliminarily to see what else is going to fit, downsize just a bit more by leaving behind another great end table for the stepMIL, patch the holes in the walls where we had stuff hangin', pop the last batch of popcorn and watch the last four episodes of the latest iteration of Battlestar Galactica.  While we're running the dishwasher for the final time, we'll probably do some mental "pre-packing" of the car, and either make a Word or Excel "To Do" list of the last errands we MUST run here, and then clean a bit, and go to bed by way of the campsite that is now in the bedroom.  As of this writing, "if I'm honest," everything prior to the batch of popcorn has already been done.
  • in ONE day, we will sand the patched holes, vacuum the hell outta this place, pack what's left for the pod in my car and then take it for an oil change while we're out, do all the rest of the local errands on the list we'll have made tonight, pack the car for the trip, have a final meal with the stepMIL, and go camping again.
  • in TWO days, we'll feed the cats, clean the litter box, throw away the campsite, pack the kitty gear in the car, and then each of us will carry a cat down to get leashed to the back seats.  We will then BLOW THIS POPSICLE STAND!  (and head to Florida to see/stay with Daddy)
  • in FIVE days, my baby brother will be 44 years old.  Forty-four is my favorite number.  I do not know why; don't ask me.  Also, we'll probably leave the cats in Daddy's care that day while we travel south for an overnight visit with some California friends who have since retired to Florida.
  • in ELEVEN days, we will pack the car again with anything we never intended to leave behind with Daddy (including the cats and their accoutrements), and head north to Charleston for the MIL's birthday.
  • in TWELVE days, the MIL will be 70.  Woo Hoo!  Celebrate!
  • in THIRTEEN days, we'll leave the east coast in the rearview.
  • in just shy of THREE WEEKS, we'll be home.  Still don't have an exact address yet, but we also don't have an exact "landing" date, so these are things that will likely sort out in Florida.
In case you've been worried about me, we discovered this morning that all of my gastrointestinal distress was a result of the mental stress I was putting on myself, trying to push our dates closer.  We have done SO MUCH with the packing that I was feeling a bit rushed to get it all done (including the cleaning, etc.) by today, or better yet, yesterday.  When Stephen spoke on the phone with his stepmom today, my stomach miraculously no longer hurt!  We've got just a little left to go today, and very little left tomorrow.  We will easily be out the door not long after Dawn shows us her Crack on Saturday.  We could rise early enough to see her Tramp Stamp, but I'm not putting that kind of pressure on us anymore.  I'd like my stomach to settle for good, thank you.

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