Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hippo Birdy 2 Me! Hippo Birdy 2 Me! (sing it with me, kids!)

Your second COUNTDOWN, as promised:

  • FOUR WEEKS from today, that is TWENTY-EIGHT days from approximately NOW, we will begin moving in to our new place in La-La Land.  At this point (now, today), we still do not know the exact deets of the "where" or the real, official "when" but it's in the countdown anyway.
  • THREE WEEKS from tomorrow, that is TWENTY-TWO days from approximately NOW, we will be saying "See ya later!" for the last time on the east coast (probably), to Stephen's Mom, who will have housed us for a night or two.  Go WEST, Young(-ish) Man (and Woman)!
  • THREE WEEKS from today, that is TWENTY-ONE days from now-ish, we will be celebrating a 70th birthday.  We will probably have arrived TWENTY days from now-ish, so as to not put additional stress on the Birthday Gal.  Maybe.
  • in TWENTY days, we'll be saying "See ya later!" to Daddy.  The next time we see him will be a visit, a vacation, a whatever, and wherever.  He's already hit 70, so he travels less, but he also is prone to getting a bug-up-his-butt to get out of whatever routine he's in, and visit the family that isn't nearby.
  • TWO WEEKS from today, that is FOURTEEN days from now-ish, we will likely be taking a "side-trip" in our "vacation" to spend an overnight visit with our good friends from Cali who have relocated in Florida, south of Daddy.  Daddy will get to watch our cats for us, for one night.  Hopefully, they won't have begun terrorizing his cat, the Queen of the Castle.  Also, my Baby Brother will turn 44 years old.  44 is my favorite number.
  • in ELEVEN DAYS from NOW, we will be saying "Buh-Bye, Suckahs!" to Thomasville, NC, probably, hopefully, for the very last time ever.  There are just too many ghosts here, and they're not happy ghosts.  We intend to never return to this particular area of the state.  Reunions and such are not out of the question for other parts of the state, but we may never again see the Triad.  I'm okay with that.  Truly.
  • ONE WEEK from today, that is SEVEN days from tonight, Stephen will work his last closing shift at Sam's.  They've only got him scheduled for 4.5 hours, but if his departure means anything to his co-workers, we're expecting him to get home later than usual.  On a side note, we were awakened this morning by a phone call from Sam's, asking him to come in today for a 20-minute training course.  That's an 80 - 90 minute total round-trip drive, for training he'll never use?  Unh-unh.  Nope.
  • SIX days from approximately NOW brings access to our shipping container at the local U-Haul store.  Load the van!  Drive it!  Unload it!  Pack that thing!  And that other thing!  No more rhyming, I mean it!  (Anybody want a peanut?) ... oh, sorry, I got sidetracked by Inigo, Fezzig, and Vicini.
  • in FIVE days, my dresser and mirror make the trek out our door and into that of the next-door neighbor.  I've already begun living out of the suitcase, so at some point, Stephen will as well.
  • in FOUR days, I will be attempting to sell off our wordly possessions one last time at the stepmom's yard sale.  If you're local to T'ville or know someone who is, C'mon Down!  I'll be wheelin-and-dealin to save me from leaving there with a full van-o-crap.
  • in TWO and THREE days, I will be helping the stepmom pull her own wordly possessions down from wherever she's got 'em stored as a preliminary yard sale set-up step.  ALSO, on one of those days, I have high hopes that the daughter of the roommate of a local friend will take our sofa and loveseat off our hands, as well as maybe an end table and some kitchen appliances/cookware/storage for a song (I'm talkin' supah-cheep).  The main thing is the furniture.  I'm tired of usin' it, and I only want to take it downstairs once to put it in someone else's vehicle.
  • Tomorrow? I got nuthin'.  It'll be good.
  • TODAY, we'll unload the van at the stepmom's for the weekend yard sale.  ALSO, I'm forty-eight.  It's not my favorite number, but it's a 4 and an 8, and those are pretty good numbers for me.  I like 'em.  Besides the wake-up phone call, we're having bulletproof coffee and I've had 16 Facebook friends wish me a Happy (as of the last time I was on Facebook, which was probably almost an hour ago already). #100happydays Day 4
Anything I missed?  Anything you care to add?  Comment away!


  1. Hey Birthday girl! Take time to celebrate, OK?! Great to see your smiling face here, and to know you're soon on your way back! I don't think we'll be able to see you for awhile though......since we will be having a crazy summer, beginning with my stepson's wedding June 22, followed almost immediately by an extended vacay out of the country, followed by performing the month of August (again, out of the country) By the time our dust settles, it'll be after Labor Day, and we'll be available to give you guys big welcoming hugs! By then you'll be fully settled and still toasting to the West Coast move, I hope! Big air hugs, in the meantime! And put another candle on the birthday cake xoxox, Marjorie

  2. I've discussed it with Brian and he agrees with me that, should your travels take you a little off track (say North and West instead of due West) you may want to rest a bit with us. Just a suggestion. I know you're eager to arrive on your mothership and set up housekeeping, but we're (kinda) on the way. Just think about it. 'K?

    1. It's a POSSIBILITY, although a remote one... if we don't manage to procure housing before the 1st of July, well, then, MAYBE... but please remember the two cats in the car are our primary dealio, and while it should be COOLER at the top of the country, there may just be too many added days. Thanx 4 the offer!

    2. I remembered the cats. I told Brian about the cats. Neither of us have an issue with cats. Just keep us in mind if you need a break.

    3. Again, we appreciate the offer. Just dunno if we can veer that far off the chosen path (won't know until closer to the potential veer-off point).

    4. Understood. I won't hold my breath. Options are nice to have. Besides, I really hope to be employed full-time by then anyway! :-D

    5. I just did a preliminary map, and the 1250 miles or so between Billings and NoHo really looks more like a specific vacation trip, rather than a re-route of this one, even though it's only 900 miles total "out of the way." We'll see - we may not have a home address yet; you may not be employed full-time yet; the temperatures across the middle of the country may just be too dang hot! We'll all hope for the opposites of that last sentence. Options ARE nice to have. :)


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