Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I know there's something else I "should" be doing...

Yesterday (on my birthday, in case you missed THAT post), we unloaded a bunchacrap at the side porch of the stepmom so I don't have to do it all myself for the yard sale this coming weekend.  We worked pretty steadily, and felt really good about all we had accomplished.  We also paid June's rent and loaded a cedar chest back into the van, as it's a particular piece of furniture that will ship pretty easily, and will store plenty of goods before and while we're traveling home.  Stephen had two uncomfortable phone calls, and he felt badly at the end of the day that we hadn't exactly "celebrated" my birthday.  I'm fine with it - I intend to wear my crown all month, if possible.  My "major gift" this year is going home.  It's pretty major.

So today, he went back online to all the housing websites to save some more "favorites" for me to call, and to try to get our friend back home to tour, take pics, get the "scoop" on, and report back - her own little covert ops.  Whilst he was searching for housing, I was calling the utilities to arrange disconnects and final billing mailings.

I received my birthday card and check from his Mom, and got that ready to mail to my California bank (tomorrow).  I called her to let her know I'd received them, so she wouldn't worry about the mail, and we also finalized plans for her birthday at the end of the month (20 days from now).  Stephen did a little more packing/boxing/weighing of things, and we brought the cedar chest inside the apartment.  We discussed which of the small appliances and cookware we'd be keeping, and how to pack it all.  After he left for work, I packed up the Corning and Pyrex, because we're not likely to use them again in the next TEN DAYS.

Oh. Em. Gee.  We leave here in TEN DAYS.  There is still so much to be done.  But we're still LIVING here, USING stuff.  Is there a brilliant "moving fairy" out there, just wishing I would ask you to show up, say, tomorrow, and make all this stress disappear?  If you're out there, PLEASE COME!

If you do just show up to make my stress disappear, I'll unpack the springform pan and make you a coconut cheesecake... or I'l unpack the ice cream machine and make you whatever flavor you like of homemade ice cream.  Or I won't unpack anything, and I'll make you a homemade pizza.  We'll have to make a quick trip for ingredients, but I will be so happy to do that for ya! :D


  1. I'm totally digging your birthday crown.

    1. why, thank you kindly! It's actually a bendy hair thingy that you make buns with (in case you have no skill in wrapping your long hair into a bun) but OBVIOUSLY I needed a crown more than I needed a bun-maker!


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